Spectacular Fireworks Light Up The Cannes Sky

5 years ago

Before starting this review and explaining what this show is all about, we would like to do quick summary about fireworks, and how they work. The fuse sets off a charge, and with the help of the gunpowder it is sent into the sky. The lights that come out of the explosion of a firework are sparkles. Those sparkles are the results of burning pieces of metals, like iron or steel (different metals mean different color!). More gunpowder is used to detonate the firework then to send it into the sky. The gunpowder is also the component that makes the fireworks so loud.

The average price of a firework show, with music and lights coordinated, is 2000 US dollars. That price would represent a show that lasts only a minute. In this video you will be able to see this firework show filmed at the festival “D’art Pyrotechnique” that took place in Cannes, in the south of France. The festival is an international competition to see which country has the most incredible firework show. The results are:

3rd place of the tournament, Bronze : team Jupiter, Argentina.
2nd place of the tournament, Silver: team Dragon Fireworks, Philippines.
1st place of the tournament, Gold : team Alpha Pyro, France.

The fireworks that are presented to you during the video are from the show that got France to the first place of the podium! The fireworks are really breathtaking and France deserves the first place for this pyrotechnical show. The people that were present at the event are even amazed and surprised by one particular round of fireworks during the show. You can definitely hear their reaction and understand it (even if you don’t speak French!). One of the fireworks during the French show was delayed. You can clearly see it goes after, but it doesn’t take away the beautiful coordination of the team and the amazing work they must have done to make this possible.

The Festival is being held every year in order to help promoting every kind of pyromusical shows. Pyromusical shows have to be ignited from the beach. Each team that participates in this tournament has 25 minutes of actual fireworks. The show could be a little bit longer but those 25 minutes of fireworks should be respected. It includes lights,music,smoke and other accessories(candles, fountains, bombettes, etc). The rules let each team that participate choose their own theme.

Le Palais des Festivals has set up a high quality sound system. It is prepared to be outside and everything is calculated so that every spectator in the crowd has the same experience. The sound control computer is located on the Croisette. The association that raised and organised this event also highlights the fact that the beach and the water will be cleaned after the event (at their cost). The organisation also indicates that the public is their main point of focus, the whole facility has been prepared to welcome people with bathrooms and restaurants. The whole event could be considered as a fusion between the artists, the public and the organisation.

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