Baby Hilariously Struggles To Grab Dog's Leash

5 years ago

Check out the effort this 1-year-old boy makes to grab hold of his dog's leash. Hilarious!

Move over man, dog's are a kid's best friend!

A little boy joyously plays with his dogs leash. The dog has a look on his face of confusion yet contentment. The little boy is obviously pleased with the challenge. How adorable!

Adding a dog to your family with young kids is almost always a blessing, sometimes in disguise. It teaches young children how to respect and interact with animals. It allows them to bond with a being outside of themselves, especially if your son or daughter is an only child. Having an animal teaches young children compassion and patience. Most of all, animals and children learn through one another the rules of socialization. Learning the clues of picking what the dog wants and needs helps the child navigate society later in life.

When you witness the interactions between dogs and children, like the boy and boy in this video, the potential for love is undeniable. In special cases of children with health or mental complications for example epilepsy, dogs are an incredible asset because they can in fact sense when a child is about to have a seizure. In the case of a child with diabetes, dogs can sense when blood sugar is low. In the case of children with severe physical disabilities, the accepting nature of a dog will indeed help them find pure happiness in life.

When you are in the company of a dog, you can't help but adopt their natural instinct of living in the moment and truly enjoying life. You can't help but laugh at the silly things they do and smile at their goofy grins. It is an incredible gift to share your home with an animal companion, yet equally important to incorporate proper training and supervision. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Parents who have young children with dogs in the house must use good judgment to ensure the safety of both their baby and dog. Obviously, don't leave babies unattended with animals or let them sleep together unsupervised. We've all heard the horror stories. Understanding the triggers of your dog's breed and knowing what might cause the dog to react aggressively is part of being a dog owner. For example, some dogs don’t mind their meal or toy time being interrupted, but in some cases, if a child was to try to take away a meal or toy from a dog that is possessive they may try to fight back.

In the case of this video, obviously, the parent is comfortable with the dog around their son as they seem to be best friends. If it is a new interaction, it is best not to film to ensure that your hands are free to break up any conflict that may arise. Remember, kids are uninhibited and may get their fingers in the way of a dogs mouth or pull their tail in a way that makes them react unpredictably. Always be safe!

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