Puppy And A Bunny Rabbit Adorably Relax Together

Published September 28, 2018 3,381 Views $8.66 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis video is truly adorable. Here viewers will see two friends of different species. Anytime two animals of different kinds make friends with each other, it produces moments that people very often try to capture in pictures and/or video because they find these unlikely moments both interesting and adorable.

These two buddies are of the rabbit species and dog species of course. They seem to be of the “floppy eared rabbit” variety and some type of shepherd mix. The part that brings a smile to the face of their audience is the fact that these two seem to be completely comfortable with each other, as if they do not even realize they are so different. The dog is obviously a larger breed, which would make many people assume that the rabbit would not exactly be safe to be around this dog. However, this pup has an incredibly calm temperament as we can see. These two were probably raised together, and have been “family members” with each other for quite some time.

The first half of the video shows how calm and comfortable the dog and rabbit are with each other. The rabbit wiggles his nose, which humans have always found adorable. The pup lies beside his friend without a care in the world it seems. They do not look like they are worried about a single thing in life at this moment. They sure do make awfully cute cuddle buddies! When you get half way through it, you will see the state of relaxation they get to. The rabbit and dog cozily sleep next to one another, heeding no mind to the thought that they could possibly be any different as they enjoy their seemingly typical afternoon nap. They both fall into a very restful sleep, not at all threatened by one another. If this dog is a part of some kind of shepherd mix species, many would assume that he may have a natural instinct to hunt small animals or at least chase them. However, this sweet pup seems to be completely unaware of any of these ingrained instincts if he has any.

He seems to regard this rabbit as a friend, or at least not at all a threat! They are truly one hundred percent comfortable with one another; they are so comfortable that they are in a dead sleep with absolutely no qualms or concerns about the other. The bunny curls up on and naps on his warm, brown, fuzzy carpet; his puppy friend stretches out on his soft, blue pillow, leaned up against a large striped tiger stuffed animal that he may use as a type of a pillow.

Toward the end when the rabbit friend gets up, the dog actually seems to quickly perk up and look off into the direction of his friend, and we can imagine that it is as if he is thinking, “Where are you going, little rabbit buddy?” This is just such a cute and sweet moment between these two very precious but very unlike and atypical friends!

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