Adorable Baby Bunny Thinks Syringe Is A Carrot

Published September 28, 2018 1,518 Views $24.90 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsRabbits are cute and delightful but have you ever seen a baby rabbit chewing on a syringe tip like it’s a carrot? This video is my definition of cuteness overloaded.

Dear kit, it is not a carrot, it’s a syringe. Yes, the baby rabbit is chewing on the syringe tip as if it’s a dull color orange carrot. This adorable clip is about a baby rabbit (kitten), that is being fed its meal via a syringe. It is all the more lovable because the innocent rabbit doesn’t understand why the syringe feels so hard on the outside and stuff coming out of it and in to its mouth so soggy and delicious. It’s evidently loving the taste nevertheless.

The video begins with a pipe-like thing stuffed with gooey bunny food, being used to feed the baby bunny, who looks confused about what the instrument is, but that definitely doesn’t seem to stop it from enjoying the delicacy. As the video proceeds, it is brought to the viewer’s attention that the pipe is indeed a syringe making the whole thing kind of hilarious.

Bunny’s confusion is the most amusing part of this clip. The poor one is hungry, and on the other hand it can’t help but wonder why the luscious gooey stuff coming in feels so hard from outside its mouth (Maybe it’s a new kind of carrot! As long as it’s this toothsome. What do I care?). Yes dear viewers, carrots are good for you too. They keep your eyes power maintained. Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses? Okay okay. Jokes apart, in my opinion it’s a great way to mash bunny food with nutritional ingredients like fiber, oats, grass blend and appropriate amounts of vitamins together is a small dispenser like a plastic syringe. Honestly, who saw that coming?

This channel previously had another bunny, being fed, video uploaded. And sweet gracious, bunny eating clips get cuter and funnier with every watch. Though the last footage had a bunny being hand-fed, this one gives us great ideas on making home-made nutritional bunny food and stuffing it in a light, handy food dispenser like a syringe. Bunnies get the feel of chewing on a hard carrot and we get the satisfaction of feeding our beloved pet with good nutrition.

There is always a take-away message in every animal video. They are simple, loving and truly faithful. Though they can also be a little notorious and moody sometimes, but in the end the fact that bunnies exist is a proof that everything is going to be okay and this world is still a happy place.

We are already fans of this channel and the adorable little rabbit here, and most definitely a great pet feeding idea. What are your thoughts on homemade pet food? And what do you think about a syringe as a pet food dispenser? Let us know in comments below! Also, share this cute clip to make someone smile a little. Cheers! Spread love and smile always.

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