Baby Can't Stop Giggling At A Friendly Horse

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Rumble / Babies & KidsLooks like we have found our next big jockey! This tiny baby has no fear of the horse as it reaches its nose towards the child. Instead of being afraid, the baby hilariously giggles at the horse, loving every second. Most children are afraid of large animals, especially when they come right at them and poke them in the belly, but not this baby boy. When the horse gets close to him, his smile just gets bigger and he starts laughing in utter happiness!

While at a pumpkin farm, this family decided to say hello to the horses in the pen. One horse in particular take a real liking to the infant and comes right over to welcome him to his farm! The large horse went straight for the toddler, as if he knew the baby would love to be nuzzled. To everyone's surprise, this seven month old baby was so happy and excited to meet a horse for the first time, he went into an adorable laughing fit every time the horse went near him!

Watch this toddler as his eyes get wide and he starts belly laughing at the big horses coming to greet him at the Pumpkin Farm! Before the horse even comes close to the child, who is safely strapped in front of his father, the smile on the baby's face is so heartwarming! You can see that he loves to watch the horses as they gallop around the pen, with the tails flying in the wind! His smile is so adorable, knowing that all he wants is to get closer to the horses in the pen.

When the tan horse finally comes over to say hello, the baby boy squeals in delight and starts laughing up a storm! The father looks nervous at first, not knowing how the horse is going to react with the child or how the baby will react with the horse. When the horse comes close, daddy holds the baby's feet in and takes a couple of steps backwards, just to be on the safe side. But to everyone's delight, the two seem to find each other very entertaining, and the horse comes back more than once to say hello and makes the child laugh.

The horse actually nuzzles the baby's belly with it's nose as if he is trying to tickle him. When the baby starts laughing hysterically, watch the horse’s face. It looks like he knows exactly what he is doing and very much enjoying himself while doing it. Once belly nuzzle isn't enough, he comes right back for more, making the child laugh again and squeal in delight.

You can tell how friendly these horses are on the Pumpkin Farm. They are obviously used to having company all the time and like to welcome all of their guests with a happy greeting. The second horse in the video is also standing at the end of the pen, welcoming another guest to the farm and making their day as well!


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