Puppy Rejects A Banana In The Most Adorable Way

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis is unquestionably not universal, but you have presumably seen a pooch or two in your day, regardless of whether on the web or in person, that can't remain inside a few foot range of a banana. The banana in question, by all apart markings, is a normal banana.

It is a very known fact that dogs don't like bananas. If it were any other food, your dog would probably have eaten it in a second, however, bananas make them go bananas. It is the same thing as cats with cucumbers. Is a universal mystery why cats are scared of cucumbers., maybe they think it's a snake or something. However, that's a subject we will take some other time.

Here is a funny video of a doggy that not want to eat a banana at all! This puppy begged for a piece of banana, but when she was given one she realized she didn't like it and rejects it in the most amusing way. Check it out! So funny and so adorable! Her first reaction was ‘Yummy, fooood!’ and after that when she saw that is was a banana she was like ‘Nope! This is not good!’. So hilarious!

However, this is not universal. Some dogs will just run up and snatch the banana out of your hand, that happens. For the dogs that are afraid, even though it is the majority, there really has not been a practical application of this fact.

A fear of bananas does not show anything wrong with your dog. It doesn't imply elevated amounts of tension or stress, however you may tease them a bit on how high they bounce when they see it. Probably they will have a funny reaction like this doggy on this video.

Overall, it's okay if your dog does not like bananas. It’s not going to hurt them, actually bananas are a good source of potassium and they are really great for them to eat. But, apparently, they don’t like to eat healthy food. That does not mean you can have fun with it. So pull out that camera, get a good angle and surprise them with a piece of banana and see how they react. However, don't be mean to them. That being said, life is all about having a little fun. Just a little.

Dogs make our lives so much fun and so much better! The best source of fun on the Internet! Now we have another surprise for you!

We’ve talked about how dogs hate bananas, but can we just take a moment and enjoy this cute bat eating a banana! Nothing is cuter than this rescued bat eating a banana!

When found, Anika was brought straight to a ’humidicrib, ’ and there she was fed a banana to help with the recovery. Just enjoys her warm blanket and apparently, she loves eating bananas. This bat, Anika, is slowly getting better by keeping warm and getting some well-needed vitamins. We just can get enough of this amazing and funny animals!