Lamborghini & supercar drivers get excited for special tunnel

Published September 26, 2018 962 Plays $1.56 earned

Rumble / Full Throttle CarsThe North Face Rally is a group of supercar owners with big hearts. They use their beautiful machines to make dreams come true for deserving people. Whether it’s toy drives, fundraiser rallies or other events, when they get their cars together, there is often an effort to do some good for a cause. But there is also a fun aspect to their rallies and this one was no different. They left their home city of Toronto, headed for Montreal, and then on to Boston. Over 100 of the most incredible cars, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Koenigs, Paganis, Mercedes, Lexus’, and Corvette all lined up for the three day tour.

One of the most fun parts of a gathering like this is the sound. The roar of these engines at full throttle is like listening to airplanes accelerating down a runway. The car owners get excited at the sound too and when they reach a long tunnel at Montreal that excitement builds. The echo created by the revving of a 650hp, ten cylinder engine can send a chill down a supercar fanatic’s spine.

Most car fanatics have grown up admiring exotic, powerful cars since they were young. It’s a love affair that usually begins at an early age. For the true car lover, a part of them doesn’t really grow up. These club members are a little bit like grown boys when they get behind the wheel. The smiles light up their faces and their enthusiasm cannot be contained.

One of the most amazing things about this club is that the members have all worked to be successful and to get their cars. They know the value of honest, hard work. They also know the value of helping others and more than anything else, they love to share their cars and use the machines to accomplish a lot of really good things.