Fire Dance Performance In Dubai Festival Safari Desert!! AMAZING

Published September 26, 2018 28 Views $0.01 earned

Rumble The man showing his fire dance performance at Safari desert, Dubai in front of a lot of audiences. People are so amazed with his performance. Depends on the beat of music, the man constantly blowing fire. At the end the show, he keeps an amount of alcohol in his mouth then he breathes out fire fiercely.
Fire juggling, fire manipulation, and fire dancing are some of the most innovative performance arts that have evolved over the last 10 years. Its popularity and development can be tied to the Burning Man Festival, which started to be a larger event in 1997. By around 2005, we started to see large growth in fire performers and many new types of fire props, like contact staffs, dragon staffs, fire darts, fire whips, fire snakes, fire hoops and a variety of other fire performance props.

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