Dog Puts Up A Desperate Struggle To Relax On The Hammock

5 years ago

We feel like we could record this dog all day every day and simply laugh. That is the greatest joy of sharing your life with an animal. They brighten up each moment of every day with their canine care-fee conscious. Dogs make us better people.

People try meditation and yoga in order to become more present in the moment. Really, we think all it takes is a furry friend by your side. Animals have an extraordinary ability to allow us to escape the detriments of our daily lives, and simply succumb to their unconditional love and pure happiness. They are ever appreciative of everything you do, they accept us for who we are and fill our lives with silly moments such as this.

In this video above, the puppy plays on a hammock while his owner records the video laughing joyously. Talk about "being in the moment." I think anyone would agree, dogs extremely enrich our lives. Although you may never feel prepared to add a new furry member to your family, I don't think you will ever regret the decision. The truth is that these animals enrich our lives in so many ways that we wouldn’t even expect!

Yes, the unconditional love and cuddles but there are many other ways animals help us as humans. Animals encourage our confidence in social situations, they encourage empathy and compassion within ourselves, they make you laugh and teach you things you never knew.

There’s a lot that your may dog teach you. If you listen, you will adopt a zest for life and the ability to live in the moment. Relish in the excitement your dog holds towards all aspects of it's life. Learn to love and forgive unconditionally. Oh, and you never knew how hard it is to say goodbye, even if it's only for a few hours.

One of the best things our dogs do for us is get us out of the house. When you hear that slight whimper by the door, maybe a paw jingling their leash- you know it's time. It may be a pain to distribute what you're doing or you may not feel like even getting your shoes on; yet once you're out the door you experience an entirely new mindset. A mindset of presence and observation. Watching your dog enjoy their time, smelling each new thing they pass and diverting their attention to the smallest of spectacles as you walk streets that seemed nothing but familiar.

Then they look up at you and smile and it is all worth it. You feel thankful that they got you up and about, into a healthier frame of mind. When you have put all your effort into being separated with your dog at the end of the day, it's time for the ultimate reward. Cuddle time; perhaps on a hammock!

As stated, you will discover that the experience of owning a dog is completely enriching. You will feel grateful, humbled, and encouraged to chase down life as fervently as a dog chases down sticks.


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