Bulldog Hilariously Fails At Jumping Onto The Couch

Published September 25, 2018 17,769 Plays $17.38 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis hilarious video captures a stocky and thick Bulldog taking a running leap to get onto the couch, but he just doesn't quite make it. The way he lands his face first on the furniture is so funny, we actually had to watch it again. This poor pooch might just be a little too "big boned" to make it up.

Milk the bulldog is always making an attempt to jump up on the couch and never seems to have much luck. He is getting smarter about it, learning that he has a better shot at getting up there if he gets a running start first. You can see Milk barreling around the corner running top speeds, and getting ready to try and make the leap of his life! He comes round the corner, under the coffee table and straight on the couch! You can see him preparing to jump, but too many snakes have taken their toll on this beefy bulldog and he just can't lift his weight high enough.

Milk lands on the couch with all limbs spread and slowly falls back to the floor, landing flat on his stomach with his arms and legs spread out like a star! Poor Milk, just keep trying! Practice makes perfect and this little stunt can be considered a useful exercise.

This white Bulldog, also commonly called English Bulldog or British Bulldog, is a chunky little guy that loves laying on the furniture. The only problem is that he can't always get up on it. Bulldogs are a medium size dog with a very hefty and muscular body type. Their arms and legs are very short and don’t let them do all the same things as other breeds, like swimming, or getting up on couches!

Bulldogs are the fourth most popular dog breed in America and a national icon in the British culture, representing determination. That isn't too much of a surprise, Milk here obviously has lots of determination! This breed characteristically has wide heads and shoulders with droopy adorable faces. They generally have thick folds of skin on the brow and a short muzzle with folds called a rope or a nose roll above the nose, droopy lips, sharp teeth and a classic underbite with an upturned jaw that gives them that unique and lovable face! Bulldogs can weigh up to 40 pounds, especially if they are like Milk and love their midnight snacks!

A Bulldogs disposition is typically calm, kind and courageous. They are rarely aggressive or vicious towards people or other animals Breeders have worked over the years to remove the aggression from this breed and they are now know to be a friendly and patient pet, although they can be very stubborn at times. They are amazing family pets and have been known to create very strong and special bonds with children. They are laid back dogs that usually gets along with everyone!

So keep trying there Milk! Use your stubbornness and determination and we are sure that you will make it up on that couch one day! We have faith in you!