Frenchie Puppy Is Completely Confused By Its Owner's Howling

Published September 25, 2018 17,435 Views $4.61 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWhat does your dog think when you howl or bark? The look on this French Bulldog’s face is priceless as the owner makes howling sounds which clearly confuse the living daylights out of the five-month-old puppy Miko.

Personally, when we bark at our dogs they get really excited, jump around and want to play. This makes us think that they think that we've suddenly transformed into their new best furry friend. Do dogs even recognize the differences between us? Or is this simply a human trend of categorizing and placing ourselves to be superior?

When we are out walking with dogs, they make us feel like one of the pack. We only hope to offer those same feelings of acceptance back to each animal. Barking or howling in a playful moment may simply delight your dog!

Dogs howl and bark for a plethora of reasons. May it be to announce their presence, communicate, vocalize a threat; are they in pain? Lonely? Is it an invitation to play with a new friend or have they discovered something new and exciting? Or just thrilled to see you and can't keep in their excitement so they squeal?

Some dogs usually howl when they hear the phone ringing or when their owners play that super high key on their guitar. It happens sometimes that dogs even sit right next to the guitar and start “singing” the entire song. For most dogs, howling may be a form of social entertainment.

Overall, it depends on the dog. In the case recorded in this video, all you may get back is a blank stare of the dog trying to understand this new sound his owner is making. Something like "I didn't know you were a dog too!! Are you!?" The puppy looks hopeful yet so perplexed. As he gets older and more familiar with his own vocal abilities he may be fully enthused by the gesture. Barking or howling at your puppy may also encourage them to do the same; you're teaching them to talk!

We believe howling and barking is mostly a vocal expression of who the animals are, and offering this gesture back to this is a symbol of the bond you may share. In rare cases or if your dog has an alpha or aggressive nature, you may need to exercise caution not to install yourself as a competition to your animal. If they don't react favourably, proceed with caution. Also do what is best for your animals, and what keeps them happy.

Try it tonight! Your dog will react spontaneously, you never know what will happen! Some dogs are coy, some jump up and down, some like this pup won't react out of confusion. One woman recorded her animals perfectly mimicking her barks and howling. Only looking at her out of the corner of their eyes, they would start and stop as soon as she did!

Have you ever been watching a movie with a dog barking in the scene and your pup instantly reacts? It's the exact same idea! Happy howling!