Little Girl Preciously Plays With French Bulldog

Published September 25, 2018 4,305 Views $13.13 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsA heartwarming moment is captured on camera when a gentle Frenchie allows this sweet little girl to play. Cuteness overload!

For the sake of all things wonderful, how adorable is this video!?
In this sweet video, you will see what very well could be the cutest moment of the year!

What strikes viewers the most is the incredibly calm and mild temperament that this dog has. Many dogs are not comfortable being in a situation like this with a child fawning all around them, but obviously, this dog is both very well trained and was born with a naturally positive temperament. This is the kind of pet that needs to be around children so that the child is not at risk of being injured.

This is truly such a cute and sweet little video. How lucky the parents of these two must feel to have these babies in their lives! One could only assume that these two buddies are constantly filling lives with smiles and joy.

One cannot help but smile when this little girl drapes her what seems to be a “Frozen” themed feminine blanket of pinks and purples over her furry friend sidekick. This curly headed beauty and her buddy are absolutely best of friends. It is obvious that these two buddies have been reared together and have an implicit trust with one another. It is so healthy for children to have these types of relationships with animals as they are growing up. This little girl is learning to interact with and care for this animal all while she is just focused on playing.

There are just so many really important life lessons that children will learn while connecting to a family pet.

Everyone goes through difficulties in their life; sometimes people just really need a break to just smile and feel something happy, joyful, warm, and fuzzy! Even though this video is very short and is over quickly, it is just absolutely impossible to watch this without at least grinning a little bit! Everyone loves a good puppy moment. Even better, when you combine that with an adorable child—that is perfection! Dogs are called “Man’s best friend” for a reason, and this is one example where it can be easily seen why we call them this.

Even though this video is short, and viewers only see a short clip of this little girl playing with her pet dog, it is evident that this is, in fact, a very regular occurrence in this household, which is just a beautiful thing.

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