Mastiff Saves A 'Turtle' From Drowning In A Pool

Published September 24, 2018 4,142 Views $10.24 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSee how this dog mastiff does everything possible to prevent a "turtle" from drowning in the pool. It seems that this dog has an interesting goal of wanting to be a great lifesaver and belong to a future movie of "Baywatch". Most dogs have quite developed protective instincts, they are usually very brave to save their friends from danger, but it seems that this dog does not know that it is not a true turtle, so he has exaggerated with his protective instinct. They should call the members of "Baywatch" because Hunter wants to be a new member!

A mastiff dog named Hunter wants to be a hero and saves many lives, for that reason he does not lose any opportunity to be seen as a hero. Hunter noticed that there was a "turtle" drowning in the pool, so he quickly went to the pool to prevent this adorable "turtle" from drowning. Hunter arrived as close as he could until he managed to hold the turtle with his teeth without touching the water, but his effort was not enough. It seems that the "turtle" was too heavy for Hunter, so Hunter's owner helps him to save the life of the "turtle". After saving the turtle from the pool, Hunter feels very happy, knows that he has saved a life, being fully aware that he is now a hero. Good job, Hunter!

There are places where dogs are trained to save lives, today it is very common to find dogs that help in the rescue of other animals or people. Some of these dogs are trained for specific tasks, it seems that in this case Hunter is a perfect candidate to be trained as a good lifeguard dog - he is capable of being a hero. Dogs have the strength to save lives, as well as an excellent ear and nose that allows them to detect almost any type of a problem, besides being very good at swimming.

Dogs are very intelligent animals and can solve many necessary or unexpected tasks. The truth is that they have an excellent protective instinct that allows them to feel a great motivation to save lives or protect those who need it, especially their family and friends. No matter how difficult the scenarios are, dogs will always have the intention to help, since their instinct of protection is present at all times. Dogs can really be very loyal pets, they are true friends at all times and they can brighten up our lives.

It is important to feel respect for animals, they certainly have the ability to do many things regardless of whether they can speak or not, today there are many ways to train them to help people. In natural disasters, dogs always try to help people who need help, some dogs are trained in advance, while others help simply by instinct. For that reason it is important to respect them and give them the necessary rewards for the work they do. As shown in the video, Hunter could be an excellent lifeguard if trained correctly. Hunter is a true hero!

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