Bearded dragon shares special friendship with puppy

Published September 24, 2018 3,313 Plays $3.56 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsBuddy the adorable puppy met Blaze the red bearded dragon today and he was just so sweet and gentle with her. They exchanged kisses and just hung out with each other for ages!

Blaze is a two year old Red Bearded Dragon Lizard. She is a female and is normally quite a shy reptile, but when she met Buddy the dog was very calm and even seemed to like him. She kept walking towards him and just hung out with him for a long time. She even gave him a few kisses!

Buddy is a Welsh Collie and is now 7 months old. His owners can't believe how gentle he was around Blaze. He seemed to understand that she was fragile and kept carefully lying beside her, making sure not to hurt her.

Their owners were very careful when they first introduced them since they didn't know how either would react, and they will off course always supervise them. What an unusual friendship, who would have thought it!