Little Girl’s Magic Trick Involves Adorable Canine Assistant

Published September 24, 2018 1,484 Plays $2.46 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsBeginner magician Sierra shows off her “magic” tricks, utilizing her adorable assistant Samson the Newfoundland. Sierra may need a lot of work perfecting her tricks, but it doesn’t matter because the two put on a great show anyway! Cuteness overload!

In this adorable magic show, you will see beginner magician Sierra showing off her new "magic" trick she has been working on. She utilized the help of her giant and giant assistant, Samson who is a full grown Newfoundland dog. The two working together make this video super sweet, even if the trick still needs some work to perfect!

In this video you see Sierra, full of energy and excitement to unveil her newest magic trick with her assistant Samson. She has set up her stage near the front door of her house and prepares to show off some magic to the camera. She picks up a fuzzy blanket and announces "Now for my next trick..." and we wait with baited breath to see what adorable shenanigans she has up her sleeve.

When she announces that she is going to need the help of her canine assistant, she tries to pull the giant Newfie over to give her a hand, but the dog must weigh more than she does, because her feet literally start to slide out from underneath her as she tries to pull Samson over onto the camera. At first he is not very cooperative, not understanding his role in this magic trick. Sierra pushes him into place gently, giving the command to "stay assistant, stay assistant!" Samson finally gets the drift and falls into place, blocking the whole camera view with his giant head. He finally sits down and gets ready for what is sure to be the cutest magic trick in history.

Sierra lets her audience know what he plans are. Samson, her assistant is going to sit and look into the camera while she makes him disappear. Now this is going to be good. How do you make such a large, furry dog such as this Newfoundland disappear into thin air? This little girl must be quite the magician to pull off such a trick!

The little magician asks her audience of they are ready, counts backwards from three and makes the big dog disappear just like that. Now we know he didn't really disappear. As Sierra holds the blanket up to hide the giant dog, we can still see his head peeking out of the side. She might have wanted to use a smaller assistant for this particular trick. Trying to make such a large object disappear may be a trick for her to work towards.

We will pretend that we never saw the fur sticking out from the blanket, and when Sierra again counts backwards from three, the dog "magically" re-appears looking completely unaware that he was just part of the cutest magic trick ever! The girl says "That's the end of our magic show" and starts to give her big dog love for being such a great assistant!"

As she hangs off of him at the end of the video, the funniest thing happens. Samson finally takes his place and sits like a good boy. Sierra hilariously says "Great! Now you stay!" Although this magic trick might need a little work, it was a trick we could watch over and over again!