Cute Puppy Plays With A Lemon As If It Was A Tennis Ball

Published September 24, 2018 14,399 Views $20.17 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWhen life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or if you are a three month old adorable Bernese mountain dog, you play with them to your hearts delight! Here is a perfect example of what you can do with those lemons that life throws at you. You can watch this heartwarming video of a small puppy running around on the kitchen floor, playing with a bright yellow lemon like it is a tennis ball. Just wait until the puppy sinks her teeth into it, then it will be a whole new "lemon game!"

When her owner accidentally dropped a whole lemon to the kitchen floor, Maizie the three month old Bernese Mountain dog jumped all over it like it was purposely dropped for her to play with. This puppy's curious and naturally energetic nature took over and she could not resist the urge to start batting it around and turning it into a game!

At first Maizie just bats it once with her little paw and lays down to watch it roll across the kitchen floor, but when it stops moving, she pounces and pounces again and again. The scene is so adorable that we just cannot stop watching. Maizie backs up to get a good running start, then jumps on the lemon again, using her paws to try to stop the lemon from rolling away.

The whole time the little Berner puppy is playing with the lemon, she is trying to bite at it. It doesn't look like she is able to actually bite all the way through the lemon rind, but we think that if that were to happen, she might not like the yellow fruit any longer. Lemons are so sour, especially to a small dog, that it would make poor little Maizie’s eyes water and she would run away whimpering.

She finally gets a hold of the lemon at the end of a long and tiring battle. Maizie picks the lemon up with her teeth and walks away to go and lie down. She obviously has won the fight with the fruit and is proud of her accomplishments. Life has thrown her lemons and she has taken them, battled them and won the fight! Good for you Maize, good for you!

Bernese Mountain dogs are a very large sized breed that was originally bred as a farm dog in the Swiss Alps. Little Maizie here is only three weeks old and is still very small, but she will grow up and be large enough to take on a whole crate of lemons if she wishes!

This breed of dogs is extremely calm and docile in nature and love the outdoors. They were bred in the mountains and love to wander the land, welcoming guests on their travels but due to their large builds, do not have a lot of endurance and tire quite quickly. They can move fast when they want to and have the motivation, but after an amazing burst of speed, the Bernese Mountain dog needs to rest their large bones and take a rest.


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