Kitten Watches Herself Playing With Tablet On TV

Published September 23, 2018 337 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensThis kitty is heavily invested in a clip of herself playing a tablet game that's being played on the TV. How cute is that?

This kitty is heavily invested in a clip of herself playing a tablet game that's being played on the TV. How cute is that? Could there even be anything more precious? We think not! This sweet little Calico lady is having the time of her life!

This video feels like Russian nesting dolls—a video inside a video inside of the second video inside a third video! Did you catch all that? It almost does not even make sense, does it? Let’s try to slow it down:
There is a video on the tablet; that is inside of a second video being played on the television; all of that is being filmed by someone creating a video; three videos in total! Craziness.

Fun fact: Did you know that all calico colored cats are female? It is virtually impossible for a male cat to have a calico colored coat.
This owner obviously values his or her cat’s entertainment. Actually, Ipad games for cats have become quite popular over the last few years. These games are excellent at keeping a cat occupied for very long periods of time! Kittens seem to be especially interested in these games for sure.

Some veterinarians actually recommend playing these games for older or overweight cats who are not interested in other forms of play. Sometimes, you can have a cat that desperately needs to lose weight, but you just cannot get them interested in exercise. Veterinarians explain that occasionally, getting your cat to play with these types of downloaded online games that still allow the cat to be somewhat sedentary is the right fit in that situation. Once the cat becomes used to playing again, even if in small spurts with little movement, the owner could then gradually build up the play time. Playtime can eventually get a little bit longer, and the owner can opt for more action-packed activities.

It seems that the owner in this video is starting this process early, though, so hopefully, their sweet little baby kitten will stay relatively physically fit! This is truly an adorable little baby. Isn’t it amazing how happy pets make us as humans? They really brighten our worlds every single day. Pet owners around the world cannot even imagine what life would be like without our beloved furry friends by our side!
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