Young Owls Just Love To Dance For The Camera

Published September 22, 2018 19,559 Plays $21.92 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsCheck out these owls as they appear to be dancing in this funny footage. Too cute!

Watch as six owls line up to perform what looks to be a dancing routine to music! These baby Great Horned Owls are having the time of their lives, bouncing and crouching away in total rhythm. The owl's movements are so hilarious, their owner decided to videotape them and record them dancing to music in this funny footage!

These owls are very young and very energetic at night, being nocturnal. They get grooving after midnight and take turns crouching to the ground, then bouncing right back up. After one is done, the next one crouches down and bounces back up! This seems to be a hilarious game that we could watch all day.

The baby owls even start to rotate, replacing their siblings when one of them flies away. They seem to have some sort of agreed upon dance moves here because they are clearly working together in this choreographed dance! The owls can even be seen watching each other as they look for their turn to bop to the music.

What makes this video so hilarious is the way they stare into the camera with their huge, bulging yellow eyes, rarely blinking and looking right at the camera as they put on their show. They entertainment skills are pretty impressive!

Did you notice that there is one owl in the bunch that decides not to partake in this dance routine? The biggest owl, possibly the oldest is not joining the dance troupe and just stands there without movement, staring into the video camera. Maybe he is too mature for this nonsense, or maybe he doesn't know the dance moves?

Great horned owls are found all across North America. They typically reside in woodlands, swamps, orchards and other forest environments. These owls are also often found in suburban areas and make their way into residential divisions and even into cities. They typically nest in trees and are known to take over nests that have been built by other species instead of building the nests themselves. Great Horned Owls can take over nests built by Red Tailed Hawks, Crows, Ravens and even Squirrels.

When these owls nest, they lay anywhere from 1-4 eggs in their clutch. The eggs will incubate for 30-37 days before hatching. When the tiny baby Great Horned Owls are born, they are completely helpless, with closed eyes and pink, bald skin. They must be kept warm, and the materials in the nest such as shreds of bark, leaves and downy feathers plucked from their own bodies help to keep these infants warm and cozy in the nest until they are ready to fly out on their own.

Great Horned Owls are nocturnal and active mostly between dusk and dawn. They spend their nights typically hunting for food. When food sources begin to dry up, they can spend the entire night from when the sun goes down until it comes back up scavenging the forest looking for their dinner.