Rihanna Announced As New Ambassador Of Barbados

Published September 21, 2018 6 Views

Rumble The singer's title comes with responsibilities including promoting education, tourism, and investment for Barbados.

It comes as no surprise that the world renown singer, Rihanna, has been named the ambassador to her birthplace, Barbados. Being that she is well known and very much loved all over the world, she would be an obvious choice for the job. She undoubtedly has connections on all corners of the globe, so surely she could really do a great deal of positive things for her country. The singer will promote education, tourism, and investment in her home country.

The Carribean island’s Prime Minister Mottley said: “Rihanna has a deep love for this country and this is reflected in her philanthropy, especially in the areas of health and education. She also shows her patriotism in the way she gives back to this country and continues to treasure the island as her home.”

“I couldn’t be more proud to take on such a prestigious title in my home country,” Rihanna said. “Every Barbadian is going to have to play their role in this current effort, and I’m ready and excited to take on the responsibility.

“I look forward to working with Prime Minister Mottley and her team to reimagine Barbados.”

Rihanna has a net worth of $210m (£160 million). This powerful female has made herself extremely successful, to say the least, and she has become a household name worldwide. Think about it: When you hear the name “Rihanna,” you do not have to even ask for a last name. You instantly know exactly who is being referred to. When you have reached that level of stardom, you know you have really made an impact on the world.

This singer’s songs have all become wildly popular all around the world, and she has proven to be a true artist in every sense of the word. She has also carried out international charitable work through her Clara Lionel Foundation, which is named after her grandparents.

The pop star has also been a vocal commentator on political and social issues. In 2017, she was a prominent critic of President Donald Trump’s response to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico.
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