Dog Demands Attention From Owner After Spending Several Days Apart

5 years ago

This man was out of town for a couple of days, so Java the dog decided she needed to cuddle with him and was NOT taking no for an answer! This comic video focuses on the sentimental attitude this adorable dog called "Java" demanding affection from its owner, after he was out of town for two days. They were two days apart and his dog missed him very much, which you can see in this funny video. What tenderness!

When the owner arrives from his trip, he sits on the sofa in the living room to check his phone, and treats his dog with a certain indifference to see how he reacts. While the owner is "distracted" with his phone and ignoring his dog, the dog approaches him and begins to demand affection, and to show that he missed him, but the owner is not so easily convinced, so the dog continues to insist putting his paw on him, insistently.

The dog does not stay still until he gets an answer, or at least a hug from its owner. After seeing that his dog really wants a moment of affection with him, owner gives him a very warm and comforting hug and these two friends love each other very much!

Like most dogs, this one is also very attached to his owner and does not support the idea of being separated from him for a long time. Dogs, like Java, notice that they lack that person who has been with them since they were puppies, that person they distinguish by their smell and the way they treat them. There is no greater and more sincere love than what your puppy can offer you, because animals are innocent in all their expression and know how to love those who take care of them in the best of ways.

The video is really amazing because this dog does not hesitate to show his love for his owner, and we already imagine that although his owner is annoyed, she can convince him in any way with a tender embrace and those adorable eyes. Having a pet waiting for us at home is something that makes our lives happy and fills us with enthusiasm when we open the door, because we know they wait for us to lick our faces and give us a hug after an exhausting day.

How would you react to reuniting with your pet after several days without seeing it? We suppose that you would also embrace him a lot and tell him how much you love him, because you have to show love to those who trust you, and there is no doubt that the pets who give us their fidelity have gained all our affection.

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