Flight Of Mountain Stairs Make Climbers Dizzy Before Reaching The Top

dgogate07 Published September 21, 2018 936 Plays

Rumble / Stunts & DaredevilsMadan Fort is located in the Nasik District of Maharashtra State in India. This trek called Alang-Madan-Kulang (AMK) is one of the toughest treks in the Sahyadri mountain ranges in India. Must see! It seems that the path is marked with stairs that seem to go up, and up, and up continuously without end. Most of us tend to get winded from just a few flights, so imagine what it may feel like or be like to continually ascend this seemingly never ending real life staircase to heaven! One of the most terrifying facts of this trek is the fact that there is no guard rail. Look on the right side of the screen, to the side of the staircase. Do you notice anything? That's right. There is nothing there except for endless space inviting any inexperienced hiker to fall into the abyss to their fated end.

Another interesting and notable fact here is the width of these stairs. They do not seem to be very wide, and therefore, it seems that a hiker must be sure that he or she has very smooth strides and agile feet. Reflexes must also be at their best when attempting a climb such as this. One aspect that gives the hiker comfort though, is the fact that, of course, there are hooks drilled into the sides of this treacherous mountain. Without these, though, the climbing attempt would be too dangerous for anyone to make more than good, regardless of their experience.

Regardless of the work and turmoil it takes to get to the summit, there are bountiful rewards at the end of the journey. There is absolutely no better view than that at the top of this amazing but difficult endeavor. This spectacular view can be seen all around the mountain in the video of course. The clouds meet, and the sky meets with the amazing mountainside, shining in amazing and breathtaking beauty all around. One could imagine that there is just no better moment in one's life than that of the moment one reaches the top of this mountain and all of its glory.

Any hiker who has seen this view firsthand can attest to its magnificence. There are some moments in life where a person experiences something that truly changes their core and their view of the world and life. This would be one of those experiences. Seeing this view from a computer screen certainly gives us as close of an idea as we can get without physically being there of course, but one can only imagine what this must feel like and how it must move one's soul. It must feel as if you are receiving an unbelievably rare opportunity to touch the heavens and feel the grace of pure innocence, pure beauty, pure love, pure joy, etc. Feeling so small on this mountain top, any hiker is sure to have an experience they will never forget. This will be the highlight of their experiences!​