Dog Licking Baby’s Hand Sends Tot Into Fits Of Laughter

5 years ago

Pepper and Leo are the very best of friends! Check them out in this heartwarming clip! There is nothing more heartwarming and contagious then a baby's giggle! That belly laugh might be the sweetest sound on the plant. Listen to this baby boy, Leo, as he gets licked by his dog Pepper and going into a giggle fit that melts our heart!

Leo and Pepper the Yorkshire Terrier are the best of friends. Pepper has been around for Leo's entire life and they love to play together. Watch as Leo sits on the living room floor, surrounded by all of his toys while Pepper the Yorkie continuously licks the baby boy. Every time Leo gets licked, he starts to laugh uncontrollably. The puppy obviously loves that silly baby giggle, because he keeps coming back for more!

Leo holds his little hands out for the dog to lick, and when he does, the giggle fits starts. You can see the bond between these two and this is a game that can go on for hours every morning when Leo gets placed on the floor to play with his toys. The baby would always rather play with the dog then his toys and we can see why! These two together make one incredibly adorable team!

When the baby starts to get bored with Pepper licking his hand, he decides to try another part of his body and sticks his face out for the lapping canine to attack! This seems to be a deal breaker with Leo's Mom however, and she immediately sticks her hand between the wet tongue of the Yorkie and Leo's open and laughing mouth. Thank goodness Mom was standing there or the little boy would have had a mouthful of puppy slobber! Pepper the puppy doesn't let Mom's hand stop him however and starts trying to lick around the barrier she has created trying to get to the infant’s mouth with his tongue. This game is hilarious to watch and the giggling just makes it even funnier. Mom is going to have to keep an eye on these two. Adorable!

Yorkshire Terriers were bred in the nineteenth century to catch rats and other small rodents.These lap dogs are described as somewhat spoiled and "upright" in character, expecting a lot from their owners. They are naturally intelligent, curious and require a lot of attention. Although they are easy to train, they do require a lot of time and mental stimulation. You can see here as the puppy takes it as a challenge to get his tongue around the hand and into Leo's mouth.

Yorkies can be the sweetest dog breed and often do well with children, becoming like a protective babysitter to them. They love to play games and will spend hours just chilling beside their owners while being pet and soaking up the attention.

Have you ever seen a funny game played between a small child and a dog? They can often come up with the most hilarious and playful activities to keep themselves busy and entertained. Tell us about the games you have seen in the comments! We love to hear stories about babies and puppies!

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