Curious Huskies Intrigued By New Robot Vacuum

Published September 20, 2018 4,553 Plays $5.40 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThese three huskies welcome home their newest member of the pack... the Roomba! Check it out! Do you ever wish you could hire someone to keep your dog company while you are away every day at work?

Someone who would keep your canine entertained throughout the day and challenge them to problem solve. It would be amazing if they even exercise them while you're away. Well look no further. We have found the perfect solution, and it will cost you the same amount whether you have one dog or three! It is a Roomba vacuum!

Watch as these three huskies become completely perplexed and excited over a small circular vacuum their owner brings home and lets loose in the living room. Watching one dog loose it's mind over such a simple thing as a vacuum is funny enough, but when you multiply it by three, it is even funnier! All three of them get going, bouncing around the Roomba and barking up a storm!

For anyone who is not familiar with a Roomba vacuum, it is a small, circular robot that connects to wifi and automatically travels around your home, picking up dust and debris from the carpet. It learns, maps and adapts to your home using mapping technology The newest models even have a bin where why can dispose of everything in the bag all by itself. These robots are a whole new world of house cleaning. We can totally understand by this person purchased a Roomba vacuum with three extremely furry huskies running around!

The huskies all seem to have their own way of investigating the strange, alien object in the middle of the floor. One dog tries desperately to get close enough to it to get a sniff, hoping that will tell him what this thing is. Another dog bounces back and forth in the background every time the Roomba moves. The third husky attacks it vocally by letting out deep barks at the vacuum!

Once the barking starts, they all get in on it, circling the vacuum and barking is in to say "what are you and what do you want?" The Roomba just keeps going though, sometimes aiming right at them like it has no fear of the three large huskies in the room! They are no match for this robot who will continue to keep vacuuming the floors no matter who or what gets in it's way.

Huskies are sled pulling from the Northern regions. They are commonly known as working dogs and are used to pull large loads across the snow. Tourist companies have recently made dog sled tours very popular and let guests ride on a sled being pulled by huskies. These dogs also make wonderful pets. They are very energetic and athletic and will keep their owners on their toes! Since not everyone who owns a husky has the ability to use them a sled pullers, there are many other activities they can do to keep their dogs happy and engaged. Buying a Roomba for them to chase around the house for example.

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