Mechanic Finds Furry Stowaway Within Car

Published September 20, 2018 4,947 Views $38.08 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsReady for the best video you have seen in a while? Okay, we thought as much. Grab your cuppa coffee and find a comfy position.

Here we go!

This jewel was made on September 6, 2018, in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK.

This is what the maker of the video said about this event: "A customer came to the garage worried about a scraping noise inside of her car. The customer presumed an animal had become trapped somewhere within the car. My colleague and I checked underneath the car and could see nothing, so we assumed the animal had fallen out or ran away. We then heard the same noise she had described from within the wheel arch. We attempted to remove the screws, but as they were rusted in place, they would not come undone. The customer asked to remove whatever it was in any way we could. I decided to film it as we thought it would have been a rat or a small bird. Previous to the video being taken we had tried to remove the wheel arch."

Don't you just want to grab this cutie and take it home? Yeah, we know there was a lot of work put into its rescue and it will definitely cost a few dollars but it is definitely worth it! That precious hamster face is saying: "OK guys, where next?"

But wait, don't move a muscle! We have more hamsters running for you. Take a look at this "scary" one. The lazy pooch is not impressed with the new hamster pet.

Here's the thing with those irrational fears we all suffer from (don't deny it!) - the less sense they make, the worse they often are. The small the object of your fear is, the more irrational it gets. Take this dog for example. Can you imagine a big Bernese Mountain Dog, being scared of a tiny little hamster? Well, this dog is scared of the tiny rodent and just will not look it in the eye! Doesn't matter that he is like 1000 times bigger than the tiny creature and would certainly win in a fight, if it comes to that.

This puppy is definitely not pleased with his new furry friend. Despite attempts made by owner Songyi to introduce the cute pair, this dog did not want to see eye to eye. The Bernese Mountain Dog was quick to turn its nose up at the new furry member of the family. The hamster is welcome to live it's little life in it little pellet den all it wants, just keep it away from the dog and his personal space!

This funny video went all the way to Reddit, where fellow Redditors poured their stands on what is going on in the video. The best has to be: “That’s a good way to not have a hamster much longer.” So there you have it – if your dog doesn't want to meet the new rodent, stop shoving it in its face!

The dog has nothing else but a silent treatment for his supposedly new friend. He gives the hamster such a cold shoulder that we have to rub our eyes to believe it. Dogs are usually the friendliest canines, but who knows what has gotten into this Barnese. Is it the fear of mice that led him to stupor or the fact that he has to share his owners and his personal space with another “invader”? Whatever the case, he remains off- putting, cold and distant and what is more he can’t bear to look this little creature in the eye. What a funny dog!