Daredevil Jumps From 88 Feet High Bridge Into Deep Waters

Published September 20, 2018 8,170 Plays $8.96 earned

Rumble / Stunts & DaredevilsThis is the stomach churning moment when a daredevil performs a heart-stopping leap off the top of a 88-foot-high bridge in Pont du Diable, France. Footage shows the brave man climbing on top of the bridge rails, looking down at the rocky surface washed with waves. Your knees will get weak when you watch this young man jump off this height and land into some really surgey water. Unreal! Check out this insane jump!

This daredevil must have practiced jumping into tiny pockets of water, because judging by this video, he is very much experienced in tackling heights and calculating his landing. We could only imagine what went in his mind when he was getting ready for the crazy jump, standing on the edge of the bridge rails, praying to land on water.

Watch as this fearless daredevil shows some amazing jumping skills while searching for adrenaline. This brave man decided to try jumping 88 feet into a tiny pocket of water from a high bridge. We sure admire his courage and skills!

Only the most experienced climbers and divers who enjoy deadly challenges should attempt such jumps, because this is no joke and the deadly quest should be approached with great caution. The man took his time and calculated the situation in detail, only to jump in the most favorable moment into the river!

What we found most shocking is the state of ease this daredevil has when he goes for such a deadly adventure. Walking on the edge of a high bridge is very dangerous and is both physically and mentally demanding, especially when you know that one wrong move might kill you.

Clearly this thrill-seeker seems happy with his jump and films the entire death defying act on his action camera. Would you dare to jump into a tiny pocket of water surrounded by rocks?

Talking about daredevils, another clip, filmed using a GoPro, shows a lad scaling the cliff’s steps using his free running skills until he is high up on it overlooking the ocean. When he gets to the very end of the cliff, he doesn’t stop there, instead he climbs over the fence and gets to a rocky terrain, surrounded by bushes and plants.

He takes a few seconds to survey the height before the actual jump. He stops to catch his breath and to explore the surroundings which he is obviously not familiar with because we get the impression that this is his first time to perform a jump like this. We can hear how his breathing becomes heavier and heavier as he is obviously bubbling with excitement. While the guy goes forwards and backwards, we may ask ourselves is he reconsidering his decision? is he going to get cold feet forsaking the crazy idea to leap in water so shallow? Or is he just really studying the depths of the water and the exact spot where he is going to take the dive?

All of a sudden, the daredevil plummets through the air in no more than two seconds before he reaches the shallow waters of the ocean and for a brief moment it looks like he might smack into the rocks. This intense footage makes our knees weak. How on earth did he pull that off?! This kiddo was really lucky because in a split second, things might have gone wrong. Rock jumping is an extremely dangerous activity. Cliffs are unstable in parts and a slight misstep could end in tragedy.