Dog Scratching An Itch Looks Like He’s Jamming On Drums

Published September 19, 2018 5,555 Views $1.33 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThor has developed the cutest habit there is, with his tongue out when scratching an itch, he resembles a drummer jamming to music. It looks like he is rocking the stage with his silly antics!

All this adorable dog needs is a full drum kit and a pair of drumsticks and he could make a lot of money! Can you even imagine how famous this dog could become if he could actually play the drums? This dog’s timing is impeccable, his moves are mesmerizing and he even keeps time with his tongue! We can watch him stick it in and out of his mouth to the music for hours! This rockin’ doggie sure has the rhythm!

Thor has this most adorable habit of sticking his tongue out of his mouth while he scratches his front legs and rocking back and forth on the carpet. He can do this for hours and never seems to miss a single beat! After watching him do this rockin’ little routine for a considerable time, Thor’s owner decided to record him with music to give the impression of him getting his groove on to some beats! The music choice is perfectly matched to his dance moves!

Make sure you turn your volume up high when you watch this video to get the full effect of his efforts and see how well he really does keep the time with his legs and tongue. Thor sure knows how to get his groove on! The most amazing thing is how his timing matches the music perfectly.

Although he is just scratching a pestering itch on his front leg, Thor scratches in such a rhythmatic, and animated fashion that keeps in perfect timing with the music! The look on his face shows that he is really enjoying that scratch, but it just looks like he is just so happy to be rockin’ out to the music!

To top off the immense amount of cuteness, we can’t help but mention that one erect ear that stands straight up on top of Thor’s head and bops away with the music. It is quite literally the icing on top of the cake!

Every part of this pooch’s body seems to be keeping time to the music. Just watch his tail sway to the rhythm. We think his owner should take this cute little habit a step further and put a kick drum and kick pedal in front of him so that he can rock out and add some bottom end into the music. Thor would also benefit from a tambourine around his front leg and maybe even a cowbell attached to his paw!

It has been proven that dogs can learn how to have good timing and rhythm, just like humans. It is possible to teach this talent to the canine species. They even host large, very popular competitions where dogs and their owners perform well coordinated and very well timed out dances in full costumes to music! These competitions attract very large crowds and get a lot of attention due to the fact that these dogs are able to memorize and execute amazing dance routines! Imagine if there was a band competition for dogs? Thor would definitely make the cut as a phenomenal doggie drummer!