Dog Standing In Shallow Waters Swims For Its Life

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou would swim for your life too if you were only 7 inches tall and had no idea how deep the water was! It is actually only 5 inches deep, but this poor little pooch has no idea! She just paddles away like there is no tomorrow and doesn't stop. We don't know if it is fear or just a natural reaction, but as soon as her little paws hit the freezing cold water, those little furry legs just starting a paddling and it is hilarious to watch! At least it's good doggy-paddle practice!

When the owner of these two adorable little dogs decides to take them for an afternoon swim, she has no idea she is about to witness a hysterical moment where a seven inch dog paddles for dear life in only five inches of water!

What we find so funny is the other little white dog, who calmly stands there staring at the other dog who is paddling a million miles a minute. He stands there for a while before realizing that maybe he should be doing it too and starts to paddle alongside his buddy. You can hear one of his owners yell out "You can stand", but this doesn't faze the little dog and he just keeps on paddling with those tiny little legs!

This Yorkshire Terrier seems to have a fear of the water and once it's paws touch it, it becomes life or death to this poor little pooch. We are happy that his owner is holding up up safely or he may just tire himself out completely and sink right to the bottom of the pool!

Yorkshire Terriers, or also commonly known as "Yorkies" are a very small breed of terrier, rarely reaching their largest size of seven pounds. We would think with such a small body weight, this tiny, little canine would just float along the top of the water!

Yorkies were bred in the 19th century to catch rats and are not typically a big fan of water. These lap dogs are described as somewhat spoiled and "upright" in character, expecting a lot from their owners. They are naturally intelligent, curious and require a lot of attention. They can be very aggressive and this is why they are not recommended to be placed in a home with small children. Although they are easy to train, they do require a lot of time and mental stimulation

Most people make the assumption that all dogs can swim. That is not the case however. Breeds like the Bulldog are not built for swimming in water and typically tend to sink to the bottom. Yorkshire Terriers can swim if they have to, but they are also do not have the swimmers bodies. Not all Yorkies can swim and we wonder what would happen if this little guys owners let him go.

The best way to find out if your dog can swim in to bring him into shallow water like in this video and slowly pull your hand away. Never throw your dog in the water. You never know if they will sink or swim!

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