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Newfoundland Attacks Red Coat Soldier During Reenactment

Ralphie the Newfoundland attacks a red coat soldier and licks him to pieces. The soldier was so happy he thought he was in heaven. Nothing like a good dog kiss!

When a soldier goes down at a reenactment, Ralphie the giant Newfoundland dog takes it upon himself to try to revive the fallen! Ralphie climbs right on top of the Soldier and starts licking his face in an attempt to bring him back to life!

The soldier, dressed in traditional World War Two attire falls to the ground after being "shot" by the opposing team. As the soldier lays there, pretending to be dead, he thinks this is how he will spend the rest of his reenactment. To his immense surprise, he is about to try and get revived by the most unexpected guest. Just when the soldier starts to get comfortable there, laying in the grass, a very large and very furry friend comes trotting towards him. At first, the soldier doesn't know what to think. This is a huge day could be mean and vicious and he is worried why the dog is rushing at him. When the pooch gets close, he starts to see that there are no mean tendencies here. The giant Newfie dog just looks like he wants to play!

Once the dog reaches the soldier, he climbs right on top of him, lapping his face and wagging his tail. It is like he is trying to revive the fallen soldier and make all of his troubles go away. The owner of the dog can be heard saying "Don't worry, he will bring you back to life!" To this, the happy soldier replies "I think I'm in heaven."If that is what heaven is like, bring loved up by giant dogs, then we think that is something to look forward to.

We aren't sure if there were Newfoundland Dogs involved in World War Two, but if there were, we may have seen a lot more happy soldiers. Newfoundland (or Newfies as commonly called) were made popular back in the 18th century as a working dog. They have been known to weight up to 200 pounds and are extremely large boned, giving their appearance the illusion that they are even bigger then they look. Can you imagine a 200-pound dog laying on your lap and licking your face?

Newfies are known for their very calm and docile personality and make wonderful pets. This breed of dog, despite their size, are great with children, being very protective of their family, and have sometimes been referred to as a Nana dog because they will take on the role of caretaker with children in the household. They are very loyal and make great working dogs because of their immense size and strength.

They are nicknamed "The Gentle Giant" by many, and this video is a perfect example of why they would carry this handle. Newfoundland dogs are very sweet by nature and very large indeed! It takes a very special kind of dog to see a fallen soldier on the ground and think "what can I do to make this guy's day a little better...I know...I will lick his face until he gets up!"

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