Stubborn Diva Gog Refuses To Get In Car

Published September 17, 2018 1,219 Views $15.90 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis dog wanted to go for a walk instead of a drive, so he makes his point by lying down in the middle of the street. What a baby!

In this sweet video, you will see this “Diva Dog” refusing to get in her ride! No matter what Mom tries, it just is not working! Oh gracious how adorable is that!

The most ironic part of all this is that if we were looking at a child acting this way, it may not be quite so funny! We would then all be focusing on how undisciplined and bratty the child is, but when animals do it, it is hilarious! This is truly such a cute and sweet little video. Thanks to whoever shared this adorable moment with us and with the world! Major Props to You!

Life is tough for all of us; sometimes you just really need a break to just smile and feel something warm and fuzzy! Even though this video is very short and lasts less than a minute long, it is just absolutely impossible to watch this without at least grinning a little bit! Everyone loves a good puppy moment! You know, they really are called “Man’s best friend” for a reason! This comedic pup has given the world a short little moment to just exhale, relax, and smile. We all need a little more of that in our lives.

As humans, I think we often times as a population doesn’t realize how intelligent and intuitive animals can really be. That is probably why we as a species find it so humorous when pets do things that a human would normally do! We just don’t expect animals to behave in those kinds of ways, but they obviously do! In the literary world, we call this “personification,” meaning a nonhuman thing has been given or is portraying human-like qualities, usually in an unexpected way. I would say that is definitely happening here! For those not familiar with literary elements, that is the lesson of the day! Now you know what it means when you hear that word: Personification!

It is always so much fun when your pet truly acts as an equal member of the family, but it is even funnier when they act like they rule the roost! As a pet owner myself, (YouTube star Cockatoo Maui Lynn), I can tell you that the highlight of many pet owners’ days is the time of the day they get to spend time with their beloved furry friend! This is just so dang cute.

Either way, we as a society certainly need to appreciate the few seconds of giggles and daily peaceful moments we receive for videos like this. It is certainly evident that this pup’s owners recognize how lucky they are to have such a sweet and gentle soul grace their lives with love, loyalty, and a touch of comic relief. It just does not get any better than that, does it, my friends? Truly a beautiful moment between man and man’s best friend! Yes, we can continue to analyze this scene and situation, or we can just lay back and enjoy the show! I vote on the latter!