Great Dane Teaches Puppy How To Drink From Tap

Published September 17, 2018 3,134 Plays $5.12 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEllie the Great Dane is teaching her new friend life lessons. Watch and laugh as Mikey learns how to drink water out of the outdoor faucet. How lovely!

Look and laugh while watching these dogs drink tap water outside the house, an experienced Great Dane tries to give life lessons to a puppy that does not yet understand the great pleasures of life, it is likely that this little puppy needs a ladder to be at the height of the other dog, since it does not even get close to the tap, only gets unnecessarily wet when trying, because the other dog is too tall and the puppy only has the drops that fall to the ground. They should bring a blackboard and a ladder!

An experienced Great Dane named Ellie tries to give life lessons to a puppy named Mikey, the first lesson of life is to drink tap water outside the house, but little Mike finds it difficult to follow in Ellie's footsteps, as it is a lot higher. Mikey tries to do everything possible to get close to the tap and drink water, but it seems that he has to settle for drinking the drops that fall to the floor and get wet while trying to drink water, it is very likely that Ellie likes to make Mikey get a little angry. It seems that the first lesson for Mikey is to learn that he can not compete against someone of greater stature, that is why in the end he gives up and decides to escape so as not to continue getting wet trying to follow in Ellie’s footsteps.

Today it is very common to see people with dogs in their homes, the truth is that once we have a dog as a pet we will want to continue having more each day, but we must have the necessary space so that everyone can play and have fun freely. Some people say that having a dog in their homes has changed their lifestyle and they are better people from that moment, while others say that dogs give them the fun they need after a long day at work. The truth is that we are all sure that the dog is a fairly faithful and fun pet.

Great Danes are dogs of enormous stature and elegant appearance, they are considered very affectionate dogs while they are in family and surrounded by people with whom they can play and have fun, they generally have a very good relationship with children despite their enormous stature. It is likely that parents like to protect their children while they explore and learn, that is why the great Danes are perfect to take care of children because they have a good protective instinct. Great Danes have a characteristic that allows them to adapt to any home provided they have a space commensurate with their height, since they are dogs that need large spaces to grow and have fun, knowing that they are dogs that can keep intruders away from home.

It is important that dogs have the opportunity to meet other dogs, regardless of their height or age, so they can play and exercise if necessary, in addition to learning things they do not know yet, since all dogs are curious and like to explore. As we can see in the video, Ellie and Mikey are very happy to be together, although Mikey will have to wait many days to grow up and be like Ellie.