Few Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

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Rumble What you'll see next is a dose of fun and laughter, as you watch the crazy way these men do their thing with and place themselves under unimaginable and often illogical risks. Their bruises, scratches, and scars are believed to be traits of manhood - revealing that they're all men, full of guts and not afraid of anything. If possible, these boys will try to break the laws of physics and common logic, just to get some extreme fun, and not do things the boring and common way. You'll see for yourself that safety is what these guys care least about, we see why most superheroes are men! since men seem to think they have superpowers or are immortal... Very funny!

When on the one hand women look for the easiest and most practical way to do things, men on the other hand always want more; wanting to be a step ahead, but most of the time they forget the laws of gravity while they are blinded by fun. They say that every man has a child in him, and his children can last up to 30 years, for if there is something they forgot to do in their childhood, there will always be a time to try it again; surely with twice the risks, twice the pain and twice the laughter of looking so stupid.

Since prehistoric times, it has been known that men have a lower average lifespan than women, and that is that in ancient times there was a belief that the reason why men lived less than women was because men assumed the role of worker, hunter and risk taker and had to go out to work, which was summed up in more "risks" compared to women who only stayed at home to perform household chores. Today, the role of women has changed radically, so they can play the same role in any job, just like a man. But why do women today continue to live longer than men?

We think that this question is very easy to answer, so easy that even a child would answer it when comparing the behavior between his mother and father. Well, many men tend to think things only once before doing them, even it has been proven that men have the ability to think "nothing", that means they may not be fully aware, or not be thinking in a very reasonable way before doing a possible crazily risky thing. Women, on the other hand, analyze all the possible risks and don't trust luck as much as the men do, as you can clearly see in this funny video.

Would you dare to do one of these crazy things? Maybe you've already tried one, or if you're more cautious, surely this video has reminded you to go on the safe side of life, to save some blows. Let's see if someday men will live longer than women. But for now, the guys in this video do not collaborate!

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