Pranksters Play Practical Jokes On Customers At A Gas Station

Published September 16, 2018 325 Views $1.21 earned

Rumble / PranksMany videos with pranks go viral at no time because they catch everybody’s attention and none of us can stay ignorant to all those creative ideas of pranksters. No matter what is the content of the video, it will steal a smile or two and makes our day. The prank you are going to see in the video above is taking place in Westhoughton, UK at one gas station. The prank is simple, it doesn’t require any equipment nor an effort to do it. One just needs a megaphone and their own voice. This is what one of the prankster say:

"My brother and I, whose voice is on the megaphone are always pranking people, but we never video any, so this time we thought we would and see what happens. We never thought for one minute it would take off like it has." This gas station megaphone prank is no doubt very clever and funny but at the same time is kind of a rude manoeuvre to prevent people from pumping gas. However, we are still going to laugh our heads off.

The two brothers take a megaphone down a petrol station and keep themselves entertained for hours. We can hear them roar with laughter after each megaphone “notification” telling certain passengers that the pump they are about to fuel their cars is not working and they should move to another pump. Of course, the drivers take the notice very seriously since they are totally unaware that somebody is playing practical jokes with them. Their whereabouts is also a place that can’t be seen from drivers’ distance.

The pranksters cause a real chaos at the station tricking the customers to move their cars to four different pumps. They naively follow suit and nobody questions the reality behind the whole situation. For instance, the motorist is made to move to pumps five, eleven, three and one, when he hears a megaphone telling him they are out of order or only supplying diesel. By the end of the clip the baffled motorist still hasn’t been able to fill his car up with fuel but that doesn’t stop the pranksters from howling with laughter.

Not thinking that anything unusual is going on, the customers get back in their vehicles and do what they are told. One of the drivers, however, doesn’t believe them quite so easily as he can be seen hesitating before he throws a hand in the air and decides to move. As the driver gets back in again and reverses again the jokers can be heard saying: ‘This is ridiculous. It’s actually mad’. The man finally calls it quits and heads inside the store as the pranksters howl with laughter and cheer at their success.

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