A Teeny Tiny Baby Sugar Glider Enjoys Belly Rubs By Owner

Published September 14, 2018 780 Views $0.50 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThere is this person who is a happy owner of a sugar glider and we couldn’t agree more with what he says that his pet is cute. It is indeed ridiculously cute this teeny tiny fellow which is the size of a palm and he blissfully enjoys some gentle belly rubs. As he lays back with arms open wide, his beloved human offers him some great belly rubs. Just take a look at this video, you have to see this for yourself! It goes beyond words!

Sugar gliders are one of the most popular pocket pets. They are incredibly cute and funny, and it’s no wonder many people would love to have them. Plus, they are pretty smart animals. too who can be trained almost like dogs. People who keep them claim that if you invest enough time to train them properly those funny little beings can learn their names, come when they’re called, and even do some tricks! But it takes lots of practice to get there! In the meantime, you better watch out where you leave them because they tend to crawl in all sorts of unusual places. Sugar gliders are available from shelters, breeders, and pet stores across the country. They make excellent pets for people who take the time to learn about their needs before acquiring them.

This exotic pet is so small and cute that it melts our heart. His uniqueness is what makes people have it as a pet and enjoy being around it to the fullest. Especially if you start looking after them as babies - just like this one in the video. As it is totally enjoying being caressed by his owner and as much as he has surrendered to the belly rubs, he still can’t open his eyes because he is just a baby and babies need a long sleep so they can grow up and be as active as they can get. When his owner moves his hand up his body, the sugar glider opens his paws wide and stretches his body. It’s a twitch that lulls him into more comfortable state of sleepiness and contributes to the state of relaxation

If you decide to keep a sugar glider as a pet, you need to know that they are a long term commitment, living up to 14 years in captivity, and require a special diet, lots of attention, and space. Their nature in endearing and playful and they are certainly one of the most entertaining pets that you can have at your home. They are also very vocal creatures so when they start making noises, it is their way of signalizing that they are upset, frightened or hungry.

It can be seen from the video that this glider loves the gentle strokes and pats of his owner and it is a social animal, just make sure to be around them and give the whole attention they need. We loved watching this video, it is one of those that warms up our hearts and generates love no matter how many times we watch it.