Smart Dog Rings A Bell For Tasty Treats

Published September 14, 2018 12,960 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesMany people say that dogs are man's best friend. In this video you can see how an adorable dog named Ogi learned to ring the bell because he knows he will get food in return, he will not tire of eating and being happy.

You can see perfectly that Ogi is a dog that loves food and does not intend to get away from it, it seems that he feels very happy to be next to his owners and eat, he looks very adorable while doing it. Ogi is a very intelligent dog who knows that making his owners happy will make him happy and will get rewards that are to his liking, maybe we can see Ogi one day invite his friends to eat, although it is very likely that Ogi will eat everything food. For Ogi there are no diets!

All those who love dogs will be fascinated when they see how adorable and happy Ogi looks while enjoying a good portion of food, this little dog knows that it deserves all the attention of the world and more if it is related to food, it seems that the bell will never stop ringing while Ogi is sitting there.

Many people and organizations that work for the welfare of dogs know that the best way to educate a dog is to reward it with food, as it shows that dogs are very happy while eating something they like. Dogs are very intelligent and know that all good works will have a good reward, they understand very quickly and can adapt to any scenario while making their owners happy, they have a very particular way of learning and they know how to enjoy good times.

There are many reasons to make a dog happy, the truth is that it is scientifically proven that the love of dogs by their owners is often unconditional in many aspects, dogs love to see people smile while playing with them . Dogs also have a protective instinct when necessary, they are usually the best friends of children for their protection and learning.

Many say that a dog's loyalty is unbreakable, no doubt it depends on how happy you are and the education you provide; They are always happy when we return home after a long day of work. Some say that dogs are able to understand the emotions of people, whether sad, angry or happy, because for dogs is never a bad time to play and enjoy.

It is very adorable and interesting to see videos of how they like and make their dogs happy, many like to record those moments of emotion with their pets, as it is a way to portray unconditional friendship and distribute love through networks social. I think it would be very interesting if there is a kind of tendency or challenge in all social networks related to the topic of video.

All those who are part of social networks must join forces so that as many dogs as possible are happy as Ogi. It may be necessary to look for some offer of bells.