Cliff Chunk Collapses Onto Greek Beach Flooding It Like A Minor Tsunami

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Rumble / World Travel"On my first tour around the Island on my 11th week working for the Golden Dolphin about 5 minutes into our hour at the shipwreck beach as I was taking pictures of the beautiful surroundings, I heard a thunder like crack in the cliff and the screams of families running for their lives dodging rocks by a matter of feet. As I started to video the second and far larger part of the cliff fell into the water flooding the beach like a minor tsunami and capsizing multiple boats including our own private boat which one of our captains Demetrius was in at the time luckily escaping with no injuries." - explains one of the people who witnessed the disaster.

The section of the cliff can be seen falling off onto the western Greek island of Zakynthos, capsizing boats and injuring seven people. The footage of the incident shows how the tourists are fleeing as the large sheet of rock breaks away from the cliff face. The fact that the massive rock just tore apart from the cliff, is disturbing and it provokes chaos and panic among the beach goers as it makes us worried that people might be buried in the rubble. Luckily, there weren’t any people trapped and the injured have all been accounted for and treated in hospital for injuries.

Those who witnessed the unfortunate event are awe-stricken and totally petrified as it can be seen from the video. The man behind the camera, has to rub his eyes to believe it as he captures the horrible moment of the falling cliff. It creates a large wave that capsizes the small boats that are anchored near the cliff.

The almighty crash is so loud that it makes a thunder-like noise and the giant waves that it causes, hits the small boats and debris hit the people on the beach. It looks absolutely terrifying and everything happens so quickly. Even running is made difficult because the waves knock tourists off their feet. Thick clouds of dust, sand and debris fill the beach as dozens run to find their loved ones.

This famous and attractive beach is only accessible by sea and it features limestone cliffs towering above the beach of white sand and crystalline water. It has been made famous by the wreckage of a small cargo ship, washed up on the beach since the 1980s. Navagio is one of the best beaches in Greece, and draws its nickname - Shipwreck Beach - from a freighter that ran aground there in 1980, was abandoned, and still rests in the beach’s white sands today. The beach is closed until further notice while authorities investigate the cause of the collapse.

Navagio Beach, nicknamed Shipwreck Beach, is a popular tourist attraction in Zakynthos. Zakynthos, the Western Greek island where the incident occurred, has long been a popular destination for travelers, but also for rowdy party-goers, leading authorities to crack down on bad behavior following the death of tourists from the USA and England.