One-Year-Old Adorably Recites Her ABC's

Published September 12, 2018 2,001 Plays $4.22 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsBaby Keira secretly records a video in her older sister's phone of the most precious rendition of the ABC song you'll ever hear!

How adorable and funny this little girl is! Her name is Keira and she is singing the alphabet in such a tender way. At the same time, it is surprising to see the skill and intelligence that children have at such a young age which we can appreciate through this video. This girl is simply too charming!

The funniest thing is that this beautiful baby loves to record herself doing the interpretation of the alphabet in a very funny way, demonstrating her great ability to handle the electronic devices that are of great influence at the moment and it is through them that the girl can be seen provoking laughter every second of the recording passes. And how not to fall in love?

This baby also has the fortune to learn the alphabet easily. This video shows the talent that Keira has for singing, acting and easily handling the cell phone. How can you remain unsurprised watching this little girl who is just beginning her life, but has a great skill already as it is captured and shown in this video?

It is that Keira likes to learn and even though she is very small she already manages the alphabet perfectly, the numbers as well, and already knows the colors. Keira is excited to be able to record herself so people can see what she has learned every day. She decides to take her sister's phone and use it for the filming so that other children can see that she already knows the alphabet. Amazing!

This beautiful girl with big cheeks has a poster with the alphabet in her room. It is surprising and funny as she opens his mouth and her big eyes for the interpretation of his most beautiful song of the alphabet, which she does with great emotion that leaves trapped everyone who views this video.

Keira is a very extroverted girl and she is excited to appear on camera, she loves to be recorded and to be seen. How not to be enchanted with Keira? Children can be so funny and intelligent, as we can see Keira who has a great intellectual capacity to quickly develop her abilities while still being so small. Keira has a beautiful voice and interprets the most beautiful song of the alphabet, doing it in a way so beautiful and so natural that it brings out a smile to anyone.

With the beautiful interpretation of this girl, there is no doubt of the pride felt by Keira's parents to see the great skills that this little genius has that catches all eyes in this video.

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