Big Brother Disappointed By Baby's Gender Reveal

Published September 11, 2018 37,884 Plays $51.53 earned

Rumble / Epic FailsPatrick is about to find out if he is going to have a new baby brother of baby sister. His parents have baked a cake with the cake color representing the sex of the baby, blue for boy or pink for girl. They organized a gender reveal party and invited all of their close family as an exciting way to announce the gender of their newest family member. When Patrick and his two sisters cut open the cake, he is in tears before anyone even knows if it is a boy or a girl. Check it out!

All three kids stick a knife into the cake and cut it at the same time. Before we can even see the color inside, Patrick let's out aloud "NO" in devastation. The look on his face looks like someone has just killed his cat, with his mouth deepening into a frown and his eyes squinting into slits. He is mortified and cannot hide it, even for a second. As everyone starts laughing thinking that he is just being over dramatic, he breaks down into tears, balling right there at the table in front of his friends and family. His sisters don't look too pleased themselves, but they just stare at Patrick as he cries tears of anger over having to deal with yet another sister!

He stands there wailing for almost a full minute before anyone actually looks to see what the gender actually is. Someone finally yells out "It's a girl!" and everyone digs into the cake. As everyone is eating their cake, Patrick yells out "I don't like it! I'm not going to like the baby. This is stupid!"

Gender reveal parties are all the rage now a days! If you are not familiar with this new party theme, it is when an expecting couple hosts a party and typically invites all of the close family and friends with the intention of telling them what the gender of their baby is going to be. There has been many creative ways couples have disclosed the sex of the child, including the one you see here in this video. A couple invites their family to sit down and enjoy a piece of cake together, but it just isn't any kind of cake. The color of the cake inside the icing will reveal whether they are going to have a girl or a boy in the next couple months.

These gender reveal parties usually end up with everyone happy and excited and hugging each other in congratulations. Not in this case however. Apparently everyone wanted another girl, every one except Patrick of course. He could not be any more upset. He apparently has enough sisters already and does not want another one.

The party goes on however, even if this might be the worst day of poor Patrick's life. The gender reveal party seems to be a success for everyone else as they celebrate the news of a new baby girl being added to the family.