Precious Baby Owl Loves To Get Head Scratches

Check out how adorable this little baby owl is as it enjoys some relaxing head scratches. Cuteness overload!

Do not miss the most tender and adorable moment of the day, seeing the moment where this little owl shows how they love it and lets itself succumb to some delicious and relaxing massages in her little head.
How cute!

As you may notice this beautiful little animal is a lover of relaxation and good treatment, see how it is so quiet to receive scratches full of love in his little head, you can see that they fascinate him, right?
And is that if something can not hide this beautiful specimen is the tranquility and pleasure that feels to receive a pampering, even seemed to feel a little sleepy. He is so cute!

This beautiful owl is so gentle and docile that it seems to be very accustomed to being caressed, but it is not like that, simply that receiving so much affection makes her feel so placid and comfortable, that she simply cannot resist and even stays motionless to be able to enjoy her message better.

This fascinating and peculiar species, generates a feeling of instantaneous tenderness just by looking at it since being so small and delicate it causes to take it between the hands to fill it with a lot of love and caresses; Fortunately, it is evident that it is something that he likes a lot.

This little one is an exotic bird belonging to the family of "micrathene whitneyi" and is known in a more common slang as Duende Owl, at first glance what can be seen in the clip is not an owl baby but in reality this is a species whose main characteristic is its diminutive size and is considered one of the smallest in the world; that is why they cause so much attraction and awakens so much interest among humans ... they are so adorable that they look like a soft plush stuffed animal.

Although it is not common or popular to find a Doll Owl as a pet or companion bird, it is also known that these birds have a fairly acceptable tolerance for people, so they do not run away, they can interact easily, they are allowed to touch and they allow until you give it a pleasant scratch on its little head while taking a few minutes of total relaxation.

So if you are a lover of nature and you are one of those who enjoys being outdoors, it is possible that sometimes and with great luck you may get to run into one of these friendly friends, remember to treat them with great respect (as well as all the fauna) and with extreme delicacy, you must keep in mind that they are small and fragile and taking them by force would not be a good idea, finally do not forget to give them an extra dose of affection and caresses, surely they will be very pleased that yes, try not fill you with so much tenderness.

It's almost impossible! And if something so adorable deserves to be taken to many more people, do not forget to give a Like and click to share this video and thus continue giving too many "Overloads of Tenderness"!

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