Creative DIY Trick To Make A Whiskey Glass

Published September 10, 2018 1,469 Views

Rumble / Do It YourselfIn this video, learn how to cut a glass bottle by using regular glass cutter and thermal stress, repetitive use of hot and cold water. Enjoy!

DIY projects, or Do It Yourself projects, are always fun to watch. It is amazing how people use their creativity to improve their lives and have fun in the process. DIY projects can inspire the viewers to take on their own DIY projects and tasks.

In this video, the man will make his own whiskey glass out of a glass wine bottle. Usually glasses are purchased and used, but this man wants to create his own personal glass! Handling glass is always risky so make sure to remain careful and be safe with the tools you are using!

The man in the video goes by the name of Igor and he is on YouTube channel called Inspire to Make. This channel is all about inspiring others to make their own cool items, such as their own whiskey glass. Igor finds the perfect bottle as it resembles the bottom of a typical whiskey glass. This will be his first time trying something like this and he is really excited about the possibility of a new glass!

The tools needed for this project will include a tub of water, some fuel, cotton string, spears or scissors, some different types of sandpaper, a lighter, and of course goggles for safety. Dealing with glass can be dangerous and you definitely don’t want to have your eyes exposed if something goes wrong! Now that you got all your materials ready, it is time to start!

The first step is to tie your string around the bottle at the height you want to cut it at. This will be the height of your glass so choose wisely! Next, Igor dabs some fuel along the string all the way around as you will be setting it on fire to make your glass. Igor struggles with this step and has to resort to a plan B. Igor crafts a simple glass cutter that makes a nice cut in the wine bottle that will be the top of his new glass.

Next, he gets boiling water and cold water to create temperature differences that will eventually split the bottle. As he pours both waters on the bottle and alternates between the two, it pops off and he left with his glass! Now the top of his glass is still sharp and not suitable for use, this is where the sandpaper comes in. Igor gets out his sandpaper and goes to work on the glass. You can obviously sand to your own liking but you have to make sure it isn’t sharp anymore, because that can be very dangerous.

Igor sands in circular motions and uses the different grades of sandpaper to get different types of smoothness on his glass. Finally, he gets it just how he likes it and pours himself up a nice drink. This video is sure to inspire people to make their own glass. If you are a whiskey drinker this a great watch for you! Always remember to be careful with the glass, fire, and different water temperatures!