Taxi Driver Drags Passenger Out Of His Car For Littering

Published September 10, 2018 18,622 Plays $25.86 earned

Rumble Somebody in Russia was sitting in traffic behind a taxi, and their dash cam filmed a passenger in a cab littering. He tossed a bottle out of the window. But the taxi driver wasn't having it. "The taxi driver who was driving ahead of me noticed that his passenger threw rubbish on the roadside and decided to teach him a lesson. He got out of the car and threw the passenger out. This is justice." - explains one of the drivers in the car queue. The very angry driver took matters into his own hands when his passenger threw garbage out the window. He put the car in park, got out, picked up the trash, and pulled the dude out.

He hit the brakes, got out of the car and picked up the bottle. And then he opened the door and yanked the passenger out of his cab and threw him to the ground. Then he drove away and left the guy on the side of the road. We often see people throwing coffee cups and wrappers from their moving car, especially when they come to a grind lock and they have to wait in the never-ending queue to keep going again. They are restless and not polite, they are not aware of the environment and they don’t think about the consequences they inflict upon nature, and in the long run upon themselves. Because nature always maintains its balance, and sooner or later everything we do it will return to us as a boomerang.

However, some people don’t understand that and they are oblivious of the fact that if they keep littering nature, they go against themselves. Like the passanger in this video. While waiting in the cab, we don’t know how, but he decided that it is a good idea to throw the rubbish out of the cab’s window. We really can’t understand what is that force that moves one’s hand to do such a thing. Doesn’the feel guilty? Isn’t he thinking about the consequences? What on earth is going in the mind of those people?

Yes, maybe the driver uses a harsh method to throw the man out of his car but on the other hand, he provoked his destiny. It’s a good thing that environmentally conscious people can still be found around the Globe and they will do everything to save nature. Even though they might be not in such a huge number, they are the driving force that makes us question our ecological habits.

Some people just don’t care about the ramifications of their actions. But let’s put a twist on this to see if people who litter can stop. If someone threw garbage from their vehicle while they were stopped at a red light, what if someone threw that garbage back into the car when the vehicle was stopped at the red light? How would the driver feel if that happened? Shocked? Angry? Would they just laugh?

The driver was acting upon instinct and he took s stand for the environment. It was the only thing he had in mind when he kicked out the passenger and drove angrily away. Manners do matter and hopefully, with this video a lesson is learned.