Heartwarming baby animal compilation will brighten your day

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAnimals bring joy to our hearts and souls like few things do. It's especially so when animals are happy or excited. We can relate to animal emotions and behavior and feel a connection with them that tugs at our heart strings. Animal babies bring this out in us like nothing else. No matter what your favorite animal is, you are sure to find something in this compilation to make you smile.

A newborn calf, born only a few hours earlier, wanders toward us on a warm, spring day. He looks curiously at the man holding the camera and then moves in for a sniff. He has literally just seen the world from new eyes and has had his first drink of milk from his mother. His wobbly legs are still too shaky for him to walk with confidence. He follows his mother around the meadow and imitates her grazing, even though he cannot actually chew the grass or digest it yet. His big brown eyes and pink nose are absolutely adorable. This is Sparky, aptly named by the internet after a viral video of his birth outside the electric fence. His mother Flo was so distressed that a passing motorist went over to see what was troubling her and he discovered that her baby had slipped underneath the fence and couldn't reach her.

Next, we see five ducklings joyfully enjoying their first experience with water. They had been rescued from a hotel parking lot the night before. Orphaned and alone, they were frantically searching for their mother who is believed to have been struck by a car. They had no chance of survival until a kind man rounded them up and kept them in a bathtub until he could deliver them to a sanctuary the next day. They began their long journey to the rehab sanctuary, with a brief pause at this pond for some nourishment and playtime. Happy and safe, the ducks got their first exposure to water and they immediately showed that nature had provided them with a natural ability to swim and dive like aquatic acrobats. These ducks are only two or three days old and they are as fluffy as cotton balls. Incredibly fast, they run on the water and chase each other back and forth. The ducklings were finally delivered to a bird sanctuary where they will grow and thrive, ready for release back into the wild in a few months. 

We are then given a close up view of one of nature's cutest faces, a baby skunk, out for a wander in the grass and trees. He looks at the human holding the camera and then decides to take cover under a pine tree, enjoying a little snack under the tree, he looks and sniffs at the camera in between bites. This skunk is only a few weeks old and has ventured out of his den only recently to see the world around him. Mother skunk is not far away and she will teach him how to fend for himself in the coming months.

Two silky chickens have just recently hatched and they will curiously peck at almost anything they see, eager to find out of anything new is edible. They have been given a strawberry for the first time and they take turns having a taste. They are fluffy and soft now but they will quickly grow into gorgeous birds with ornate feathers.

Cameron feeds three of the five orphaned baby crows, found on the ground and destined to starve,, they were delivered to a local veterinarian who, along with her family, took on the job of feeding these wonderful birds 5 times each day until they were integrated into a wild family of crows. They actually learned to say the word 'hello", although they were not intentionally taught this. Incredibly, seven years later, they still come back to this family to get peanuts from the bird feeder. Occasionally, they will even say hello. 

Felix, a newborn foal, grazes and plays in the meadow with his mother, Fling. In this footage he is almost three weeks old. Even though he cannot eat grass, he watches his mother doing it and he imitates her. He also happily nurses and gets milk, which is going to be his only source of nourishment for the next few months. He is playful and curious, and surprisingly affectionate. Fling, a beautiful mare with an incredible disposition patiently teaches him all the things he will need to know as he grows bigger and stronger each day. 

Five baby squirrels wriggle and squirm, having just been fed milk replacement with an eyedropper by a caring veterinarian who will help any wildlife in need. These babies were found orphaned after a cat caught the mother red squirrel. They will be nursed and cared for until they too can be released into the wild. 

Three baby groundhogs, close relatives of the gopher, enjoy a little apple treat that was left outside their burrow. Born near a small plaza, they are accustomed to humans enough that they can be observed from a distance. They enjoy their meal and have a curious look at the camera that was also left near their burrow. These babies were born a few months earlier and have begun to venture out with their mother for some food and sunshine. They will need to store enough fat to get them through a few months of hibernation when winter comes. They eat almost constantly, committed to getting their job done in time. 

Next we see 13 fluffy puppies being loaded into the back of a family SUV after their first checkup at veterinary clinic. They are happy little balls of fur and the world is their playground at this age. Their adorable little faces show how carefree and happy they are. Bernese Mountain Dog puppies are among the most adorable creatures on the planet.

Finally, we are back to Flo and Sparky, capturing the moment that the little calf wanders off on shaky legs. Flo looks at us with her trusting and soulful eyes, and we can't help but wonder if their is more intellect and thought going on than we give animals credit for. 

To connect with an animal or to communicate with them is an unforgettable and magical experience!