USS ZUMWALT in ACTION! DDG-1000 sea trials and Land Attack long-range projectile weapons.

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Published: September 9, 2018

USS ZUMWALT in ACTION! DDG-1000 sea trials and long-range land attack missile (LRLAP) weapons.

Named after the legendary Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, this guided missile destroyer of the United States Navy is the ship's leader in its class. Its revolutionary aspect is due to an emphasis on stealth design:

the cross-section of the ship's radar has been drastically reduced; in fact, it is said that the Zumwalt does not appear to be larger than a small fishing boat on a radar. In addition to possessing the best naval stealth capability in the world, the ship possesses an enormously advanced and formidable offensive capability, including a vertical launch system (RIM-66 Standard missiles, evolved sea sparrow missiles, RUM-139 VL-ASROC anti-submarine missiles, and subsonic Tomahawk cruise missiles) and the advanced weapons system and the exceptionally lethal long-range land attack projectile. As leading weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin describes it next: "The 155mm LRLAP is the most accurate guided projectile with the longest range in the history of the U.S. Navy, with a maximum range exceeding 63 nautical miles. Its precision and an almost vertical drop angle allow the warrior to defeat targets in urban canyons in coastal cities with minimal collateral damage.

The LRLAP system provides high volume fire support at a rate of 10 shots per minute through the depth of the magazine. It uses the most advanced and hardened electronics in the world, including a global positioning system and an inertial measuring unit, to withstand the punishing gun launch environment. 155mm LRLAP provides single hit lethality against a wide range of targets, with three times the lethality of traditional 5-inch naval ballistic rounds, and because it is guided, fewer rounds can produce similar or more lethal effects at a lower cost. LRLAP has the ability to guide multiple rounds launched from the same weapon to attack single or multiple targets simultaneously, maximizing lethal effects.

"The music used in the video - called "Naval Warfare" - was composed by Peter McIsaac Music. Thank you for watching and listening!

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