Motorcycle driver takes ridiculous risk at high speed

Published September 8, 2018 10,509 Views $4.57 earned

Rumble / Horrible DriversMotorcycle drivers are usually aware that they are vulnerable as they travel on a highway. They need heightened reflexes and increased skill to compensate for the lack of protection that motorcycles provide. They know that even light contact with another vehicle will result in a loss of control and serious injury or death. They are also aware that they are not as visible and they are more vulnerable to the consequences of other drivers' errors. Any responsible motorcyclist will tell you that they are always on edge and always allowing more room for error from those around them.

But not all motorcyslists understand or fully appreciate how easy it is to be a statistic. We have all witnessed those few who rocket down the highway at incredibly unsafe speeds, or those who weave in an out of traffic, relying on others to brake. And many of us have been startled by the sound of a loud motorcycle that approached so fast that it seemed to appear out of nowhere.

This footage was captured by a motorist who is in the left lane of a four lane, divided highway. The speed limit is 90km/h, or 55mph. The truck on the right is actually traveling slightly faster at 105km/h (67mph) and he is braking occasionally because of the decline. The car in front of the camera has moved into the left lane to pass the truck.

The driver in the camera car has checked his rear view mirror to see a fast approaching motorcycle. It looks as if he is traveling at roughly 100mph, almost double the speed limit and he catches up so quickly that the driver is actually not sure if the motorcycle will be able to brake properly. He does, but he moves left as if he will pass on the left shoulder, a very dangerous and highly illegal maneuver. The motorcycle is so close to the bumper that his front wheel is not visible.

As the motorcycle drops back slightly and then abruptly moves right, the driver of the car with the camera says to his wife "watch this motorcycle". While it occurred to him to move to the right to get out of the maniac's way, it is a good thing he did not, because the motorcycle driver's actions are so abrupt that the car would have struck the motorcycle.
Without any signal, he moves quickly around the car on the right side and accelerates toward the truck. The car in front of the camera is now about to pass the rear edge of the truck trailer and he is moving faster than the truck. The brake lights are on, showing that the truck is slowing, but the motorcycle driver leans left and keeps accelerating. He will squeeze in between the car and the truck, as long as the car doesn't speed up or drift to the right. If the truck driver slows much more, the motorcycle won't have a chance to stop. Luckily, he squeezes through unharmed but there was almost no room to spare.

The motorcycle continued down the highway at a very high speed and was soon out of sight. Had the gap between the car and the truck suddenly decreased, the motorcycle driver would have had to stop accelerating and brake hard to avoid collision with the rear of the truck. Relying on those around him to not make an error or an unfortunate reaction to his unpredictable driving was taking his life in his hands. Despite the fact that he was not involved in a collision, he did nothing to help promote the image of a safe motorcyclist that most drivers deserve.