Parents Film Their Toddler Playing With A Giant Python

Published September 7, 2018 1,744 Views $1.81 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsParents have filmed their toddler playing with a huge python in front of their house in East Java Province, Indonesia. The shocking footage shows a boy coiled up in a beasty snake, being dragged like a toy as the snakes slithers away. The child, being a toddler, of course that he does not understand the gravity of the whole situation and how dangerous it may become at one moment. He laughs and chases the snake, totally unaware of the potential danger.

The boy even picks up the snake’s head and drops it on the ground at one point in this terrifying video which has gone viral in no time. However, all of us who are watching the video, we can’t exactly qualify being around one of the most dangerous snakes in the world as “a game” and on top of that being nonchalantly filmed by the child’s parents. It comes as a real shock to us. Snakes are not patient, they are impulsive and no one knows when they will get into an attack mode.

The toddler, who is innocently “playing” with this horrifying reptile, is almost ten times smaller than the python. We can hear the boy’s parents continuously laughing even when the python curls up around the toddler. After the boy uses the snake as one big and comfortable bean bag, he goes on playing with its head and he even manages to lift off its neck. Surprisingly or not, the boy appears to be having fun and is blissfully unaware of the danger he is in. The snake doesn’t snap at the toddler and is seen making its way towards an alley. However, this is not the first time that children have been reported playing with snakes in Indonesia. In May, a shocking footage emerged that showed two little girls riding a giant python.

Experts say that here are approximately 450 species of snakes in Indonesia and the recent increase in attacks by pythons might be a result of the expansion of oil palm plantations in the country. Pythons are in fact kept as pets around the world and can live for up to 40 years in captivity. Pythons are reptiles that most people would steer clear of but in this distressing video the boy behaves with the snake like it is being his best friend. Some pythons only eat four to five times a year. They kill their prey by wrapping themselves around it and constricting it. They will swallow the animal whole and can eat very large animals, digesting them slowly over a period of time.

We know that pythons are capable of squeezing large animals to death and yet the child’s parents shows no fear for their boy. Luckily, no harm comes to the child despite the dangerous nature of pythons. The nature of these reptiles creates a dilemma whether these snakes should be kept as family pets at all. Maybe the snake has already been around children before and that’s why it seems “docile and well-behaved”, however that doesn’t justify the fact that the parents are of sound mind to let their child risk his life and even comes closer to a beast this huge. It’s absolutely outrageous!

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