Security camera captures footage of brazen thieves

Published September 7, 2018 2,365 Views $14.03 earned

Rumble / Stupid CriminalsWhen we are sleeping peacefully, assuming that our property is safe and secure, there are people who roam neighborhoods looking for opportunities to take our valuables. Some people do this nightly, making a living from robbing people of their change, their electronics, their vehicles, even their prescription medication.

It is called many things; "Boosting Cars", "Night Shopping", "Marauding", but no matter what it is referred to, it is theft. Some people do this nightly, targeting open vehicles, spending only 1-2 minutes, often less, stripping the cars of any spare change or anything that can be sold. These thieves completed their search of this car in one minute and moved on to the next. Frustratingly, these people often recover only a fraction of the value of your belongings. That laptop that your student daughter forgot in your car might have cost you over $1,000 but they will sell it for $50. And we also know that many of these thieves are stealing from us to finance costly drug habits.

Another threat that we face due to these bandits is that some of them are armed with weapons of all sorts and they will assault a homeowner who is unfortunate enough to venture out of the house and discover them in their vehicle.

This team of criminals is working together in a quiet neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario. As two enter the vehicle, a third drives the car, and a fourth walks along and keeps a lookout. We see the car rolling slowly along on the street while the other three check cars. There are many things we can do to make the job harder for thugs like this. We can ensure that our vehicles are locked at all times, spare keys must never be left in the vehicle, valuables should be brought in the house, and important documents should be locked up. This clever homeowner has installed security cameras and the footage that they captured shows them in action. Even though they are wearing hoodies, perhaps somebody might recognize them and contact the Toronto Metropolitan Police Service. These are organized criminals and they might come to your neighborhood before you know it.

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