4 years ago

13 puppies loaded into car are a serious handful

These fluffy puppies have just finished their first examination at the Veterinarian's office and they are now on their way home. After being filled with treats and showered with affection, they are as happy as puppies can be. But they are excited and squirmy, as all puppies are, and getting them all into the back of the family car proves to be a challenge for these owners!

These puppies are the surprise offspring of Dexter, a strapping Maremma with a gentle and playful nature, and Stella, agorgeous Bernese Mountain dog with a very affectionate and loving personality. There was a lineup for these pups long before they came of age. Dexter and Stella were proud and loving parents, young themselves and full of energy for playing and running with their babies.

Before going to their carefully selected forever homes, each pup needed to be inspected, weighed, and given their first vaccinations. The room was filled with puppies that alternated between playing, snuggling, and sleeping. It was a sea of fluffy little faces and wagging tails. Each puppy captured Dr. Kristy's heart and she reluctantly handed each one back after the checkup. When it came time to say goodbye, Kristy helped carry the herd out to the car, struggling to hand them over for the last time. Kristy seized an opportunity to hop right in the back of the car and lean over the seat for one last round of puppy kisses and cuddles. She finally tore herself away from them to get back to work. Eric was wise to count his puppies to see that all were accounted for before he drove off.

These puppies spent their first few months on a beautiful farm property in the country, running through meadows and woods with their parents. Their life was every bit of joy that new puppies deserve. Each of them found a home in perfect, spacious settings with loving families.

Dexter and Stella made another trip to the veterinarian for their own visit, a little family planning surgery that will see that there are no more puppy surprises. As joyful as a litter of newborn puppies are, they are also a 24 hour commitment and a handful at all times.

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