Clumsy Toddlers

Published September 5, 2018 15 Views

Rumble Nothing makes me happier than funny fails caught on tape and these toddlers falling over is no exception. I mean toddlers are the clumsiest of all the little creatures, which means the fail possibilities are endless. Like the toddler who poses for the camera and then walks away – as she walks away, she continues looking at the camera and trips right over her little brother. Then you have another toddler in the opposite situation – a cute toddler girl walks toward the camera and falls JUST before getting a hold of the phone. That doesn’t stop the young toddler from standing up and grabbing the phone. Other fails include: falling in AND out of the crib, falling over toys, falling on the playground, falling out of the stroller, falling into their parent’s arms, and much much more! Check out this hilarious and adorable compilation and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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