Son Plays Practical Joke On Dad Making Him Jump Off A Lawnmower

Published September 5, 2018 1,556 Plays $1.81 earned

Rumble / PranksHave you ever wondered how do we get all these hilarious videos? Well, often, well-planned things, take a hilarious twist and major failures occur. That's how! And the video we have today isn't different. When it comes to lawn mowing, it can be really relaxing. Some people love doing all those chores, from planting flowers to mowing the lawn. It really helps them clear their mind, and even though it's hard work, it relaxes them. However, even those chores can sometimes go hilariously wrong. And today we have an example of that. The man in this video was mowing the lawn, and everything seemed fine. However, while he was on the lawn mower, his son decided to play a practical joke on him. His son and we, as well, believe that everybody watching the video can’t stop laughing at the funny sight.

This is the guy’s story: "I have been scaring my dad and making pranking videos of him for years. I left to go to the store and on my way back I noticed him cutting the grass and I had this wonderful idea of pranking him. I circled around the block and snuck up behind him in the car while he was on the lawnmower and blew the horn. I wasn't expecting him to get scared that bad, but he jumped off, losing his beer, hat, shoe and lawnmower."

The sneaky son gets to the field while his dad is mowing the grass totally unaware of what is about to happen to him. The engine of the mower is so loud that there is no chance his dad is ever going to hear his son’s car or any other sound besides his mower. So, mounted on the machine, he trims the grass completely relaxed with a beer in his hand while his son is driving slowly and approaches him from behind. At one moment, he “unleashes” the prank and he honks the horn so loud that comes as a complete surprise for his dad. He is so taken aback that he flips his beer, jumps off his feet, in fact he throws himself to the ground, falls on his back and we can see his lawnmower continues to do its job without its driver.

The guy’s dad just wants to get to the mower as quickly as possible and he doesn’t even turn around to see what’s going on, We guess he is used to his son’s pranks so far and he knows that this time, too, his son made the most of the situation. However, his dad manages to stop the mower from going any further and we can hear how his son is laughing his head off, which is contagious and we are drawn to join him in the laughter.

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