Border Collie has peculiar reaction to squeaky toy

Published September 4, 2018 7,834 Views $2.28 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSometimes dogs bark when they want their toy, sometimes they whine. What this quirky border collie does in response to wanting his owner to give it over is beyond hilarious!

With every squeak of the green stuffed animal, this pooch does something peculiar indeed.....he sticks out his tongue.

After a dozen times hearing the squeak and seeing the tongue pop out of his mouth, you starting to realize that this is no fluke or coincidence. It is truly his reaction to the squeaker and the fact that we wants it all to himself.

Border Collies are super intelligent and tend to have very quirky habits, as you can see in this smart boy. He has found a way to communicate with his owner, telling her that he would like the toy now....please!

We could watch this adorable and hilarious doggy reaction all day, and something tells us that it would go on a lot longer then this video shows.

We only hope that he eventually got the toy!

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