Good sport groom laughs at wedding garter toss trickery

Published September 4, 2018 2,326 Views $0.17 earned

Rumble / Memorable WeddingsScott is a man with a great sense of humor and an ability to roll with it when his friends play a trick on him. It's a good thing because he was tested thoroughly at his wedding as they blindfolded him for the garter toss. Scott was told he would have to crawl blindly to his new bride and remove her garter from her leg with his teeth. This is all fairly standard but he's a smart fellow so he made careful note of how many paces were between him and Stacey's chair.

Scott arrived where Stacey should have been and he knew instantly that things were not as they should be. He sat back on his knees and shrugged as if he knew she had disappeared. Scott's friend wasted no time in dragging Stacey's chair off to the side and out of reach. Another of Scott's friends quickly seized the opportunity to get his own leg in Scott's path. It took less than a second for Scott to sense the ploy and he playfully swatted his friend's leg aside.

He got himself on the right course and started making a beeline for Stacey and her leg, but in the brief time it took, Stacey's bridesmaid sister slid smoothly in front and sat on Stacey's lap.

With similar boots, similar legs and similar fabric covering her leg, any man could make the mistake that Scott did. He began to move in for the garter belt, leaving everybody gasping in shock and laughing at the situation. Stacey fought back tears of laughter and managed to wave him off before he got too far.

Stacey's sister also seemed to realize where things were headed and her face was a comical look of disbelief and laughter combined. The bridesmaid moved aside and let Scott finish his performance. They gave the crowd a respectable, but saucy show as the garter was removed and tossed to the waiting single men.

In sharp contrast from the bride's bouquet toss, none of the hopeful single men in the audience were in any hurry to catch the garter and declare themselves the next likely candidates for marriage. While the women are willing to jump and reach for the bouquet, the men stood still and waited for somebody else to move in. When nobody did, one of the single men craftily convinced a very young fellow to pick up the garter. The other men stood frozen and watched, unwilling to make a move. They all cheered in relief as none of them found their bachelor status in jeopardy.